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In India’s huge and booming economy there are a lot of ways that you can go from being an untouchable to being one of the richest people there. The key for India is to become a model for the world is through education and it also helps that it is the worlds largest democracy. There are three different classes in India the upper class, the middle class which is the largest of the world, and the untouchables and they are all trying to help and make India a better place.

The upper class in India is doing many different things to try and make India a better place. A man named Lalu Yadav used to be a sheep herder and now he has more people calling him “boss” than anyone else in the world. He is now the inspector of Indian railways and this allows the people to move around more freely and easily. He went from not having very much money to being one of the wealthiest and well known people around. Another upper class person that is making India a better place is a doctor that was born in India but then moved to New York to take his schooling. Now that he has become such a successful surgeon, he has moved back to India to work there and help his country. Since there are many very well trained doctors in India, like this man, there are lots of people coming from all over the world into India for surgeries. They are doing this because in India it will not take as long to get the surgery and it is also much cheaper. This is hugely benefiting India because they are getting a billion dollars a year from medical tourism.

Before India only had a middle class that did not have that many people but now it has more than three million people. The middle class is trying their hardest to make India a great home for all its people. The massage lady working at a resort in India and she had to drive two hours to get to her job and also she only gets to see her kids once or twice a month. Her giving up all of this is making tourism in India go up because she is getting people to come to resorts to receive her massages. Another person that is making India a better place is a doctor that went to school in England and moved back to India and is now currently working there. Once a week he goes out to smaller villages to perform life saving surgeries that the poor people could not get if it were not for him. He does not have the proper equipment for this therefore sometimes it does not go well and the patient that he operated on does not survive. The doctor that went to school in New York has better...

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