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The Politics of Representation in A Passage to IndiaBenita ParryPerhaps the most important task of all would be to undertake studies in contemporary alternatives to Orientalism, to ask how one can study other cultures and peoples from a libertarian, or a non-repressive and non-manipulative perspective. But then one would have to rethink the whole complex problem of knowledge and power. Edward Said, Orientalism (1978) This pose of `seeing India' ... was only a form of ruling India. A Passage to IndiaThe discussion on A Passage to India as a political fiction has for long been dominated by the followers of a mimetic theory of literature, whose quest for empiricism tied to didacticism is achieved when they find the narrative content to be an authentic portrayal of India and a humanist critique of British-Indian relations during the last decades of the Empire. Since the accession of critical methods concerned with representation as an ideological construct, and not a truthful, morally inspired account of reality, however, the politics of the novel have demanded another mode of analysis, where the articulations of the fiction are related to the system of textual practices by which the metropolitan culture exercised its domination over the subordinate periphery; within this theoretical context, A Passage to India can be seen as at once inheriting and interrogating the discourses of the Raj. In common with other writings in the genre, this novel enunciates a strange meeting from a position of political privilege, and it is not difficult to find rhetorical instances where the other is designated within a set of essential and fixed characteristics: `Like most Orientals, Aziz overrated hospitality, mistaking it for intimacy'; `Suspicion in the Oriental is a sort of malignant tumour'; and so on. It is equally possible to demonstrate that while the idiom of Anglo-India is cruelly parodied, the overt criticism of colonialism is phrased in the feeblest of terms: `One touch of regretnot the canny substitute but the true regret from the heartwould have made him a different man, and the British Empire a different institution.'Yet to interpret the fiction as an act of recolonisation which reproduces the dominant colonial discourse would be to ignore egregiouslythe text's heterogeneous modes and its complex dialogic structure. Even the most superficial consideration of the `India' construed by Western texts, an India which was virtually conterminous with the European consciousness of it, will show that this canon of historical, analytical, propagandist and fictional writings (official minutes, political treatises, scholarly studies, geographical surveys, missionary tracts, journalists' copy, memoirs of civil servants and army officers, educational manuals, school text books, adventure stories, children's books, Anglo-Indian romances, the works of Kipling) devised a way of dividing the world which made British rule in India appear a political imperative and a moral...

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Air/Aviation Law an Expanding Field of Study in India

3596 words - 14 pages Air /Aviation Law is an expanding field of study in India, which primarily consists of rules and legislations formulated on the lines of the International Treaties and Conventions, to which India is a party. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), of which India is a member , allows for its member nations to have the prerogative of making their own laws and rules, which then have to be notified by them in ICAO’s Aeronautical

Buddhism In India: A Study Of Indian Buddhism In T

712 words - 3 pages Buddhism In India: A Study of Indian Buddhism in the Past and Present         Indian Buddhism, as you might have guessed, started in India. It started about 2500 B.C., by the teachings of one simple man, who only wanted peace. It impacted people so strongly, that today it is one of the world’s largest religions. Even though things have change, this is one religion that hasn’t. Here’s how it started.         In 563 B.C. a small

The Small Car Market in India: Research Study

747 words - 3 pages IMPORTANCE AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY India is likely to evolve into a global hub for small-car manufacturing. Currently, India is one of the largest producers of small cars with the small car segment accounting for about three-fourths of the Indian car market. The fast-growing small-car market has encouraged several global auto companies (Renault Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai) to announced plans for launch of small cars in India. The Indian auto

Study on Leather footwear market in india - Internship - Report

1986 words - 8 pages TABLE OF CONTENTS i. Problem Definition 4 ii. Approach to the problem 5 iii. Research Design 6 iv. Data gathered (List of charts) 10 v. Observations of the study 16 vi. Limitations 18 vii. Exhibit (Questionnaire) 19 LIST OF GRAPHS Fig. Topic Page No. 1. Age 10 2. Gender 10 3. Occupation 11 4. Annual Income 11 5. Footwear Preference 12 6. Brand Preference 12 7. Discounts Preferred 13 8. Warranty

Supermarkets In India: Is India Ready to Open Its Golden Retail Gate for the World? A Case Study

8744 words - 35 pages retail organisations in India to get their perspective on the readiness of Indian retailers across these dimensions. This dissertation is a synthesis of the findings from this study conducted over the last four months.The literature review discussed in the dissertation attempts to find the suitability of India for the retail boom. The research was conducted in a qualitative manner using semi-structured telephonic interviews and email along with

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3541 words - 14 pages in the future and to maintain its brand it will have to look over its brand positioning and salesProblem statement.Company Overview Cadbury is a accompanying worldwide confectionery assemblage with an eminent envelope of chocolate, gum and candy brands. We engage about 50,000 people and accept absolute actions in over 60 citizens, advertising our goods in almost every country about the business.In India, Cadbury actualize its actions in 1984 by

A research Proposal on the Study of Market Potential of Fast Food Restaurants in India

860 words - 3 pages WAC II RESEARCH PROPOSAL A Research Proposal on Study of Market Potential of Fast Food Restaurants in India   INTRODUCTION This proposal is aimed at conducting a research on the market potential for Fast Food Restaurants Services in India. It will be mainly focusing towards understanding the importance of various factors affecting the choice and the need of fast food outlets by Indian young consumers. Also, it aims to study the

Case Study Regarding a Glitch in a Scottish Bank and Outsourcing IT in India

762 words - 4 pages This case study is related to the computer glitch that happened in a bank. The Royal Bank of Scotland has caused millions of the customers unable to access their account. This incident happened is caused by a junior technician in India do not have the skills that are efficient in carrying out a given job. In that case, unions have already blamed the fiasco. That is because the fiasco make the decision to outsource much of the company’s IT jobs

Gurcharan Das's Ideological Position To Map India on the Millennial Conjuncture A Study of India Unbound: From Independence to the Global Informat

1740 words - 7 pages blames Nehru for his economic policies. Further, for Khilnani, the idea of India is "constituted by politics", but for Das it consists economic progress. It is also notable that Das’s work is highly readable than Khilnani’s because its author knows the ways of marketing. Further, it is not a serious study rather based on fancy, imagination and one sided view of neo-liberalism. Khilnani glorifies the role of Nehru in forming India as a strong nation

To visit a manufacturing company in India and study the organizational research tools used.and A multi-objective genetic algorithm for robust flight scheduling using simulation

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Importance of Good Precedents for Sustaining Democracies: Case Study on India and Pakistan

1772 words - 8 pages There are many different reasons why the partition of India occurred. When Britain oppressed India, they had a divide-and-conquer policy that exacerbated the religious and cultural rifts that already existed in the society. The Muslim League, which believed in the ideology of “Pakistan”, actively campaigned to gain more support for the Muslims in India, especially under the guidance of dynamic leaders like Jinnah. Pakistani leader and founder

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