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India Vs. Pakistan. Essay

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Since their birth as independent nations in 1947, India and Pakistan have been at odds with each other. Their first conflict arose over the question of separating the Hindus into India and the Muslims into Pakistan. The Muslims and Hindus had been living in relative harmony in India during the reign of the British Empire, but, when India's independence movement was started, extreme Muslim leaders began to petition for a separate Muslim state. Muhammad Ali Jinna, the leader of these Muslim leaders, was one of the people responsible for organizing the independence movement, along with Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi.Once the British ceded control of the subcontinent to Nehru and Gandhi, Jinna lobbied them hard for the creation of a separate Muslim state. Nehru and Gandhi reluctantly agreed, and asked the British to have a separate Muslim state founded. Thus, the Islamic state of Pakistan was founded, along with its arch rival Hindu neighbor India. Many Muslims and Hindus opposed the creation of two separate states, and Nathuram Godse, an Indian Hindu fanatic, was one of these. He believed that Gandhi was wrong in letting Jinna create the Muslim state of Pakistan, and decided to kill him. On the evening of Janurary 30, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic. This brought the whole nation to mourning, and caused the Hindus to hate the Muslims under Jinna even more, because Gandhi had died as a result of the formation of Pakistan by Muhammad Ali Jinna. Another view of the hatred between India and Pakistan is that they have been constantly squabbling over the territories of Jammu and Kashmir. These territories, which both India and Pakistan claim, are located at the northern edge of India, and the easternmost edge of Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir have been mired by terrorist attacks, and incessant fighting between Indian and Pakistani troops during their four wars over the area. India and Pakistan have laid claim to an area about ¾ the size of Texas.Once India and Pakistan decide to end this foolishness of fighting based upon religion, maybe the people in the region can have some peace of their own. This fighting has destroyed more than 200 million homes in the border region, and caused massive loss of human life. The Pakistani government claims to not sponsor terrorists, but they still turn a blind eye to them when they operate out of Pakistani territory. When Indian forces attempt to apprehend these terrorists, Pakistani forces intervene and the war starts all over again. The past four wars between these countries have been conventional. However many people believe that the next time these two countries go to war it will be nuclear. The difference between India and Pakistan is purely ideological, and this difference cannot justify a nuclear Holocaust between these two nations. The essence of religion is tolerance for other religions. India and Pakistan have both showed contempt of this, and therefore, cannot continue using...

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