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Indian Culture: A Blend Of Various Culture

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As a humble student when I sit down to think and write about Indian culture my mind goes back to 3000 or 2500 B.C. As I make a study of history and read some of the scriptures a question confronts me. How did the oldest Indian culture survive so long when so many great ancient cultures of Greece and Rome became museum pieces? What was the vitality of Indian culture that continued through the ages despite so many historical vicissitudes?To start with we should be clear about the meaning of culture. It is difficult to define it in one word. Culture is not civilization; it is the material equipment of life. "It is the characteristic way of life inspired by fundamental values, in which people live. It is the sum total of values expressed through art, religion, literature, social institutions and behavior, the over act of individuals and mass action inspired by collective urges" (Luniya, 108). It is important to know how Indian culture came to existence, the conditions that gave birth to its characteristics and its fundamental values, the forces that gave it the right direction and the central idea behind the vitality of its past. The most important characteristic of Indian culture is its continuity and blending of various cultures. "It comes from past and adjusts itself to the present and moves towards to shape the future"(Majumdar, 192). India is a land of migrants who came, and mingled their culture to have a common visual outlook and collective action. It starts from the time of Aryans and Dravidians and then the intermingling of their culture resulting in the creation of Hinduism (Dharma). After 600 years came the fusion of Muslim and Hindu culture. The American culture has always played its part in influencing the Indian culture and is the future of Indian culture.Among the early migrant races were Negritos from Africa, Proto-Australoids, Mediterranean people, and Mongolians in small number. The Mediterraneans those who came to India were identified as Dravidians. The Dravidian elements dominated Southern India. The early Dravidians who arrived in India about 2000 B.C. possessed a highly developed material culture found in Mohanjodaro and Harappa. They had public baths, shipping activities and international trade.Before 2000 B.C. Aryans came to India and in about 1000 years they spread over Europe, Asia and in North India up to Kanauj. The evidences of gray ware pottery prove this point. It is estimated that before 1500 B.C. Vedic Aryans entered Northern India with their nature gods, rituals, cows and houses. The Aryans are mainly responsible for the early development of Indian culture. It is believed that they came in conflict with Dasas and Harappans in west. They built new settlements on the ruins of Harappan settlements. The Vedic Aryan cultural vitality and influence was great as it provided the formative elements for the Indian culture. Their culture flourished in the ashram of Vedic rishis, which were mostly situated in the heart of...

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