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"Indian Gaming Not Only Works For Indian Country, It Works For America". Assignment: Write An Essay Supporting A Controversial Issue.

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Indian gaming not only works for Indian Country, it works for AmericaIndian gaming has positively influenced local communities, and has transformed Tribal communities that were once forgotten. The American government should stop belittling Indian Tribes and stop using its resources to fight Indian gaming. The government does not belittle Israeli or Palestinian efforts toward self-determination, but the government cannot fathom that within the United States, Indian Tribes continue to be vital, self-governing nations working to build a better life for their people. The Government should not interfere with the positive attempts of The Cherokee and Tribal Governments to overcome dispossession, poverty, the social wrongs, and the oppression that has continued for over two hundred years.The Cherokee are North American Indians of Iroquoian lineage who occupied eastern Tennessee and the western Carolinas. Previously they had lived around the Great Lakes, moving south after their defeat by the Delaware and Iroquois. Their population in 1650 has been estimated at 22,500; spread over 40,000 square miles of the Appalachian Mountains. By the end of the 16th cent., the Cherokee had a settled, advanced culture based on agriculture. They were frequently at war with the Iroquois tribes of New York but proved generally valuable allies for the British against the French. Soon after 1750, smallpox destroyed almost half the tribe. Formerly friendly with Carolina settlers, they were provoked into war with the colonists in 1760, and two years followed before the Cherokee sued for peaceThe Indian wars and treaties, a series of battles and agreements around the period of the U.S. War of Independence, effectively reduced Indian power and landholdings in eastern parts of America freeing this territory for speculation and settlement by the white man. The Cherokee nation numbering about 22,000 tribesmen in 200 villages throughout the area had since the beginning of the 18th century remained friendly to the British in both trading and military affairs.The Cherokee were remarkable for their assimilation of white culture and were recognized as one of five civilized Indian tribes. They adopted white methods of farming, weaving, and home building. Perhaps most remarkable of all was the writing system of the Cherokee language, developed by a half-blooded Cherokee who had served with the U.S. Army in the Creek War. The system of writing in which each symbol represents a syllable, was so successful that almost the entire tribe became literate within a short time. A written constitution was adopted, and religious literature flourished, including translations from the Christian scriptures. The Cherokee Indians were not ignorant savages, but industrious farmers, merchants, and businessmen of all types. They were educated people many were Christians. They had an organized system of government and a codified body of law. Some of these people were not even Indians, many strangers and...

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