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Indian literature is one of the oldest in the world. India has twenty two recognized languages and is rich in arts and literature because of the many cultural influences through out its history.Today some of India's most influential authors are Asapurna Devi, and Rabindranath Tagore. Both of these authors have won prestigious awards for their famous works, and are adding to the literature that tells of life in present day India.Ashapurna Devi was born on 8 February 1909. Ashapurna grew up in Calcutta, where her father was an artist. She wrote her first stories during 1930's, for adolescents. Her first adult story was in 1937, The Husband's Lover, in which she touched the changing and contradictory expectations of men from women - as traditional, obedient wives and at the same time, as stimulating, glamorous lovers to show-off to others. At the same time, she explores the inner desires and aspirations of her women characters. Ashapurna Devi was a prolific writer and has to her credits 175 novels, 30 short stories, and 47 children's books . Some of her well known works consist of Pratham Pratishruti, Subarnata and Ashapurna Devi was known for her strong female characters, covering the changing roles of women in India. One of her most loved books Swarnlata tells of a women who dreams of education for herself and her daughters. In Swarnlata the protagonist fought her entire life with her family who couldn't see her desire to fight against the British for India's independence and women's rights.On this poster There is a picture of how women were to greet men in Indian society, Devi strongly disagreed with this and wrote against it.Ashapurna Devi won several...

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2413 words - 10 pages Poetry has always been the most popular genre in the literature and it’s said that the language of poetry exits when there was no language. The language of poetry delves deep into the sensation that’s why it’s defined as the spontaneous overflow of emotion and actions recollected in tranquility. Modern Indian poetry in English can be defined as poetry written/published from 1947 onwards (the year India gained Independence from British rule), by

The Growth of Indian English Novel

3855 words - 15 pages Introduction to Indian English Literature: English, the language of international status, is especially remarkable for its flexible and variable character. It is not tied down to typical English conventions and social, cultural and literary background in various countries when it is read and spoken. It, on the other hand, has come under the dominant influence of the cultural and social background of the countries concerned. The geographical

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1326 words - 5 pages constructive part in the development of aboriginal society, reflects their culture and believes.One of the common themes, that aboriginal people or postcolonial people write about is the sense of being independent. The consciousness of breaking the power of control exists in literature. Such as in Salman Rushdie's " 'Commonwealth literature' does not exist", he indicates that Indian literature should be independent, but not as a branch of British

Indian English

1154 words - 5 pages “the language of the Supreme Court in Calcutta” (Gupta 1996). Soon after, in 1835, Lord Macaulay wrote his Minute on Indian Education. This convinced the Governor-General of India to establish a position for the use of the English language in Indian educational Institutions, writing "the great object of the British Government ought to be the promotion of European literature and science among the natives of India" (Thirumalai 2003). The East India

Once in a Lifetime, by Jhumpa Lahiri

1781 words - 7 pages Lahiri’s background and ethnicity. It makes the readers connect to the Indian-American’s lifestyle and culture. Lahiri’s personal experience of being an Indian-American provides the readers with information about the lifestyle, culture, and diaspora of feeling alienated. Works Cited Hansen, Dana. "Lahiri, Jhumpa." Bloom's Literature. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 20 Nov. 2013 Kishore. "Short Story Review: Jhumpa Lahiri's Once in a Lifetime

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990 words - 4 pages “Like many immigrant offspring I felt intense pressure to be two things, loyal to the old world and fluent in the new, approved of on either side of the hyphen” (Lahiri, My Two lives). Jhumpa Lahiri, a Pulitzer Prize winner, describes herself as Indian-American, where she feels she is neither an Indian nor an American. Lahiri feels alienated by struggling to live two lives by maintaining two distinct cultures. Lahiri’s most of the work is

Charles Eastman: Bridging the Gap Between Cultures

1295 words - 5 pages presented him with tradition Sioux teachings. Following the Great Sioux Uprising of 1862, Ohiyesa and other Santee Sioux were exiled to Manitoba. In Eastman’s Indian Boyhood, he fondly recalls these times of living freely and peacefully by saying, “What boy would not be an Indian for a while when he thinks of the freest life in the world?” Ohiyesa’s father, Jacob “Many Lightnings” Eastman was instrumental in his assimilation into the white

A study on problems faced by Asian Indian Americans in the US. Includes a bibliography.

1756 words - 7 pages particular, the study proposes to look at1.What are the problems and needs of the elderly Asian Indian immigrants in the United States?2.How do the elderly immigrants relate to their families and in particular to their children, living and working in the United States?3.What is their level of awareness and utilization of social services provided by local agencies?In view of the exploratory nature of this study, and the lack of literature related

"Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway

571 words - 2 pages Hemingway is attempting to remind us of our own mortality.The plot is a way of transmitting theme to the reader and therefore both are essential literary devices in the story. Without the use of such literary terms as plot and theme, there would be no literature. Ernest Hemingway uses both plot and theme in Indian Camp to remind us of the preciousness of life and its inevitable end. Perhaps, we need to stop taking for granted what we may not have tomorrow.

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1228 words - 5 pages far east (China and Japan,) and the Indian Ocean Trading Networks, which was the primary mean of trade for many states located near the Indian Ocean. Both the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade route have actively altered the social and political landscape across Eurasia by serving as a bridge to spread new ideas, technologies, and also changing the dynamics not only between classes within one state, but also between different states across

"Indian gaming not only works for Indian Country, it works for America". Assignment: Write an essay supporting a controversial issue.

2225 words - 9 pages Indian gaming not only works for Indian Country, it works for AmericaIndian gaming has positively influenced local communities, and has transformed Tribal communities that were once forgotten. The American government should stop belittling Indian Tribes and stop using its resources to fight Indian gaming. The government does not belittle Israeli or Palestinian efforts toward self-determination, but the government cannot fathom that within the

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1349 words - 5 pages of the culture without truly experiencing it themselves? Then, like a gift from the heavens, Louise Erdrich's Tracks drops off of the old wooden bookshelf behind him, and the young reader, realizing Erdrich's Native American background, immediately seizes the book and gulps down each and every Indian word, syllable, and letter. Sadly, non-Indian academics have composed most American Indian literature written to this day, despite the fact that

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2060 words - 8 pages is. These women writers told that feminism means putting an end to all the sufferings of a woman in silence. Indian women writers have given a new dimension to the Indian literature. Indian English Literature has developed over a period of time and writing in English did not start in a day. It took many years to bring the present status. We can find Indian literature as novels and also in the forms of poetries and short stories. Several women

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986 words - 4 pages men were leaving for war (175). The language and phraseology of the most Native American poems and songs are of the most simple kind but they include a lot of symbolism, which makes them difficult to understand. The boundaries between truth and fiction are feebly defined (Krupat 127). An Indian work of literature should be judged by the same criteria as any other literary work. The Indians were, and are, verbal people, and their literature