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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The theme of this Indiana Jones movie is the constant contrast between Indy and his father Dr. Henry Jones. The difference is in their outlook on live and the many mysteries that surround them. Indiana only trust pure fact and will not listen to any ?truth? he hears from other individuals. He only believes in what he can see and touch. On the other hand, Dr. Henry Jones believes in the in the supernatural and will in fact believe the various truths. Dr. Jones believes in the Holy Grail and the power it possesses. He spent his whole life in search of it, through various sources.The story of Indiana Jones starts while he visited a canyon while being a member of the boy scouts. He stumbled into a cave and noticed people working inside. He soon found out that they were not working at all, but hey have been uncovering the one and only Cross of Coronado. Indiana tried to take it from them in secret but he was found out. This led to a long chase that ended on a train and Indiana Jones successfully retrieved the cross. Unfortunately the sheriff was corrupt and gave the cross to the person that paid the thieves to dig up the cross to begin with. Indiana?s heart was broken, but he swore to recover the cross and put it in a museum.Many years have passed and Indiana made many important friends. None more important than Marcus Brodie, his most trusted friend and confidant. Marcus symbolizes the relationship Indy never had with his own father. Brodie has faith in god and his creations. As he said once after asked about his thoughts in the Holy Grail ?I do not have the facts supporting its existence but at my age I am willing to take it under faith?, or something to that extent.The movies...

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