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Indication For Inequality Essay

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Gender biases have been a battle that women have been fighting for years. While women have achieved great advances in ending gender roles, there still seems to be inequality between men and women, mainly concentrated in the corporate world. The most noted example of this inequality in the workforce is the gender pay gap. According to the Organization for Economic Co- Operation and Development, the gender pay gap can be defined as the difference between male and female earnings expressed as a percentage of male earnings. However, the fight to dissolve the gender pay gap is not the only issue being raised. Discussions of what factors cause the wage gap have been brought to light. Whether it is ...view middle of the document...

Also referenced is Boris Branisa, Economics professor at the University of Mannheim Germany, Stephan Klasen, Economics professor the University of Gottingen, Germany and Maria Ziegler, advisor and gender studies professor at the German Development Institute are authors of the case study “Gender Inequality in social Institutions and Gendered Development Outcomes”. And finally Jennifer Perry a counselor in career opportunities and job inquiries and David E. Gundersen, management and business professor at Austin State University are authors of “American Women and the Gender Pay Gap: Demographic or the Same Old Story”. All of these sources explore the dominant factors of the gender pay gap and their effect on society.
Women have always had the stereotype of being emotional. And while this is usually taken as a negative derogatory, it also isn’t too far off the truth. Women are more likely to use feelings to help drive their decision making, while men use more of a logical approach in making decisions. Now, there is nothing wrong with these approaches, they are biologically engrained, but this psychological difference has a significant effect on the way men and women work in management. Women are considered to have a feminine approach in management, meaning they base their line of thinking on feelings. As Parcheta, Kaifi and Khanfar women “prefer making decisions based on subject values, allowing emotions, sympathy, and the desire for harmony to enter in the equation” (244). Men on the other hand are the opposite. They prefer thing that are logical. “Objective values, principle, laws, and standards” according to Parcheta, Kiafi and Khanfar are motivators for a males decision process (244). Since women use a feminine approach in thinking more thought is given to the effect the decision will have on others. An increase in profits doesn’t necessarily motivate a woman’s decision process as much as empathy does. Leading women to choose careers where they can use this feministic approach in management without repercussions. As Perry and Gundersen pointed out n their study, women are more inclined to choosing “pink collar jobs”, jobs that are lower in pay and primarily focused in child’s care (3). Consequently, this feministic style of management can be considered to be a contributor to the continuation of the gender pay gap. Women feel as though they cannot use the biological thinking method they are accustomed to creating this sense of limitation. Unfortunately, this outlook makes way for the ongoing pay gap.
One of the most controversial reasons to why the gender wage gap is occurring today is a woman’s fertility. Typically women are seen as the primary family and household caretakers, while men and the providers for the home. This has been an ideology held for decades and women have made advancements to defying these stereotypes. Women are receiving higher executive positions, but women in these higher positions typically don’t have families. According...

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