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Indicators Of A Psychopat Essay

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There are a couple ways to spot a psychopath or sociopath living among you. It’s not clear cut, as there are a wide range and different degrees of psychopaths. You can have highly functioning psychopaths that are in full control and don’t really show any signs of their disturbed minds or you could have a complete loose cannon. The Hare Psychopathy Checklist is often looked at to find psychopaths. If a person scores over 30, they can be considered a psychopath. Traits in the checklist include things like irresponsibility, delusions of grandeur, superficial charm, lying, thrill seeking, shallowness, lack of empathy, promiscuity, lack of goals, and many others. On top of different traits, ...view middle of the document...

During a study which looked for a relationship between different sexual murderers and psychopathy scores, just under half of the examined offenders were capable of being deemed psychopaths, most of which had, based on evidence and reports, engaged in sadistic violence. This means that they took extra pleasure carrying out the murder, once again showing the goal-driven mind of a violent psychopath. (29)

Lastly, it is difficult, but possible to predict psychopathic behavior from a young age. There exists a youth version of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist which was mentioned before. Young psychopathic behavior and traits are associated with very negative emotions. Anxiety, hostility, depression and anger may all be signs. Studies have shown that ADHD, in addition to an early conduct disorder may have links with psychopathy. The two conditions put together make for a very aggressive and antisocial cocktail. A person with this combination would likely have difficulty with emotional processing and have very impersonal features, which corresponds very well with adult psychopathy (1). The Macdonald triad mentions three important behaviors, which, if they have occurred over childhood, are very strong possible indicators. There has been questioning over the reliability of the triad, but the DSM deems it as a real predictor. (42, 43) The three behaviors described are firestarting, cruelty to animals and bedwetting. Three childhood behaviors with a link to future psychopathy. (40)

However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no...

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