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Indigenous Australian Aboriginals And The Colony Of Britain.

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Indigenous Australians are believed to have arrived onto Australian mainlands across the sea of from Maritime, Southeast Asia 40,000 –70,000 years ago. In 1606 was the first known landing within Australia by Europeans by a Dutch navigator named Willem Janszoon. During the 17th century other Dutch navigators explored the western and southern coasts of Australia, numerous European explorers followed, however, in 1770 Lieutenant James Cook explored the East Coast of Australia representing Britain returning with accounts favouring colonisation at Botany Bay, New South Wales. Seventeen years after Cook’s touchdown on the east coast of Australia, the British government decided to establish a ...view middle of the document...

’ (Wikipedia, 2014)
Australian animals and plants have adapted to the harsh Australian environment. Australia has become a home to unique species that are found nowhere else in the world. When the Europeans colonized Australia 200 years ago they had brought some of these with them. (, 2014) Onwards of the Europeans settlement those of the natural plants and animals had to compete and fight with the introduced species for habitat, shelter and food. (, 2014) A few of the animals introduced by the Europeans included, the feral pig, introduced in 1788 for the purpose of domestic livestock. Feral cat, introduced in 1838 to be used to keep rats out of the fields and kept as pets. European rabbit, introduced in 1854 for the sake of recreational hunting and the red fox, introduced in 1855, again for the sake of recreational hunting. (Wikipedia, 2014) The Europeans are not the only ones who have introduced species, Indigenous Australians are suspected to have brought the Dingo with them roughly 4,000 years ago. (, 2014)) Ever since the colonization within Australia not only has the change and introduction been within species but also tools and resources.
The Australian frontier wars had been a series of conflicts been fought between the Indigenous Australians and the European settlers, this occurred over a total of 146 years, first taking place many months after January 26, 1788, and the last rough encounters occurred as late as 1934. Throughout the duration of 1790s and earth 19th century the British had established small settlements along the coast line of Australia, as they had only occupied small amount of land the conflict was a minimal between the Ingenuous Australians and the British, however, fights broke out as the settlement expanded, disenfranchising traditional Australians from their lands, this interrupting the hunter gathering lifestyle in which they were acquainted to. (Wikipedia, 2014)
Indigenous Australians successfully sustain their land for thousands of years, it had provided primary resources for food, clothing, building material and all need in which to build and sustain a sustainable life for them. Quote- ‘Aboriginal people have a deep and spiritual attachment to the land that is difficult for non-Aboriginal people to appreciate.’ (University, 2014)...

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