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Indigenous Australian Politics Essay

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Subject Name: Indigenous Australian PoliticsSubject Code: IA2016Study Period: SP1Study Mode: ExternalCampus: TownsvilleSubject Coordinator: Sharon MooreStudent: Josephat MagomoAssessment Task 1: Reflective CritiqueThe European colonisation of Australia over the past two centuries has resulted in violent conflict, forced dispossession, displacement and protectionist policies that denied Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people basic rights, separated families and entrenched discrimination and inequalities. Over the past centuries there have been many changes in the attitudes and rights regarding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Despite the efforts by Australian government's initiatives of 'Closing the Gap' in an attempt to address the inequalities between indigenous and white Australians there are still vast gaps in terms of socio-economic status, health care and welfare services, life expectancy, education, employment, housing ownership, land tenure and land rights. However, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people still experience an ongoing prejudice and discrimination as a marginalised minority group. Therefore, there is still a great deal of negativity that needs addressing in our society.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people still experience ongoing prejudice and discrimination as a marginalised minority group (Pedersen, Beven, Walker & Griffiths, 2004). Despite efforts by the government to address the inequalities, some Australian research finds a relationship between racism against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the belief that such views are shared by the wider population (Pedersen & Griffiths, 2002). It is suggested that many Australians believe that Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people have the right to equity, but they are perceived as wanting more rights than anybody else (McConahay & Hough, 1976, as cited in Pedersen, Dudgeon, Watt & Griffiths, 2011). However, the Australian state aims to achieve social equality through the provision of services which provides for the pensioners based on age or disability, health care, education as well as a system that benefits the sick and unemployed. A greater number of unemployment is within the Indigenous population due to historical disadvantages.Perhaps, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people constructions of the past is different to European construction of the past and I believe if history is revisited and takes all Australians to the same understanding of historical knowledge, there will be a greater understanding of the imperative of the existence and connection to the land for Aboriginal community. However, Aboriginal identity is not an aspiration...

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