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Indigenous People And Their Contact With Imperialists Or Explorers

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The Tutsi

The Tutsi people of East Africa had cultural contact with their sister tribe, the Hutu, this occurred during the 14th century when the Tutsi migrated to Rwanda. During about the 1880 (19th Century) Roman Catholic missionaries arrived in the region, wanting to convert the Tutsi to Catholic, however this desire was not intensified until World War 1. The Tutsi people were rich in traditions and customs before the imperialism and colonialism of East Africa, they had ceremonies regarding the naming of children and what to do after the death of a family member. The Tutsi lived in Rwanda and Burundi, and later became refugees in Uganda. This occurred because when the Belgians took ...view middle of the document...

The Mayans had a history in many cities, such as Tenotitchlan, but finally ended up in Yucatan. The Spaniards subdued the Mayan people in 1541 after a few years of attempting to gain control over Yucatan, which resulted in the imperialism and colonialism of the Mayans region. The Spaniards forced the Mayans into Christianity in order to use them as laborers in the rebuilding of Yucatan into a Spanish city. Colonialism affected the Mayans by forcing them through waves of migration and placement into isolated communities. The Mayan culture to a large hit with the control of the Spaniards because the government and church officials destroyed Mayan texts and the knowledge of Mayan writing.

The Aztecs

The Aztec people are from central Mexico and first made cultural contact with another society due to their roaming and attempt to find land. The Aztecs attempted to settle in Chapultepec but were forced out by the Culhuancan tribe, marking the first contact that the Aztecs had with another culture. Their first European contact occurred in 1519 when Hermes Cortez arrived in Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs had many unique traditions, which they practiced until the fall of their people that was a result from imperialism and colonization. These traditions included human sacrifice, the use of maize and chocolate in their culture and the valued education of boys over girls. When Hermes Cortez defeated the Aztecs they were symbolically marked as a fallen people and throughout this time there were many revolts of the Aztecs in an attempt to regain their city. Imperialism and colonization affected the Aztecs because they were forced to work in mines on Spanish estates and were raided of their treasures and buildings. The Aztecs lost much of their cultural identity as they were forced to convert to Christianity, changing their religious beliefs, which further fragmented the once strong society.

The Incas

The Inca people were a group of people who became rulers of Cusco, Peru. They experienced another culture due to their need to defeat the Chanca people in order to seize the Peruvian throne. When the Inca emperor (Sapa Inca), died and did not leave a throne there was civil war among the Inca nation, resulting in the victory of a new Sapa Inca. This new power allowed the Spanish to move through their land during the mid 1500s, exposing the Inca to Spanish culture. Prior to this, the Inca were a distinct group of people who had established many of their own traditions and customs such as the sacrifice of livestock and children in times of crisis, mummification of the rich and in order to become a Sapa Inca, a man had to marry his sister. The Incas welcomed the Spanish as intruders but did not think much of them until they kidnapped and killed the Sapa Inca. The Spanish took over the Inca empire and treated them with violence. There were many revolts of the Inca...

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