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Individual Assignment: “Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary · · Prepare A 1,050 To 1,450 Word Simulation Summary

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Improving Organizational Performance SimulationMonique ConePSY428August 9, 2010Antonio BorrelloImproving Organizational PerformanceWith the current trend in organizations of constant change and increasingly demanding marketplaces, the most significant challenge of any organization is how to improve performance. In order for the organization to survive and grow, it must depend upon the vigor, passion, and ingenuity of all who are a part of the organization. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of the Improving Organizational Performance simulation; briefly to describe the situation, recommend solution (s) and state the results for each of the four phases in the simulation; summarize the organizational psychology concepts addressed in the simulation by answering specific questions.Overview of Airdevils Founded in 1995 by Celsey Evan, Air devils is an organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that performs aerial stunts for a number of clients. One year later Evans was joined by five of her colleagues and currently employees 155. The types of stunts Air devils perform include: skydiving, sky surfing, hang gliding, and paragliding. Service3s are provided for motion picture and television production, demonstration events, publicity stunts, and marketing campaigns. Until two years ago Air devils has received numerous national and international awards for their daring aerial stunts. The past two years have yielded no awards for the organization. Faithful clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of stunts. In addition, several top employees have resigned and, to complicate matters, job satisfaction is low (University of Phoenix simulation, 2010).Phase One September 2007 in the past two years the quality of performance has taken a dramatic decline. Evans attributes the decline to complacency and the hiring of additional staff. Evans erroneously thought the problem would resolve itself as the new employees became acclimated to the organization. In an effort to get to the root of the problem, Evans administered the Job Description Index (JDI) survey. The results of the survey revealed that job satisfaction was noticeably low. Evans discovered that the stunt performers were the most dissatisfied group within the organization. In an effort to identify the reason for job dissatisfaction among the stunt performers, Evans has hired Dream Teamwork, an organizational psychology consultant firm, in effort to improve organizational performance (University of Phoenix simulation, 2010).Recommendation the findings of the JDI summary reveal that the group with the lowest level of job satisfaction is the stunt performers. The summary also indicates that this group is reasonably satisfied with supervisors and coworkers. This area indicates the lowest level of satisfaction is work, pay, and satisfaction. Based upon the data provided by the survey and comments...

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