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Individual Behavior And Communication Essay

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Individual Behavior and CommunicationIn our individual behavior and communication paper, we would examine our individual behavior and communication issues such as ethical responsibility, beliefs, attitudes, and values; demographic differences, communication barriers and the differences between effective and efficient communication; and finally we compare and contrast the differences of the selected organizations, D-wave, software specialist; Chubb, security specialist; KPMG, professional accounting specialist; and 21st Century, driver training.Ethical ResponsibilityResponsibility is defined as the obligation to carry out certain activities and be responsible for them to others (Bloomsbury Business Library- Business & Management Dictionary, 2007, p6389-6389, 1p). The unethical behavior and irresponsible activities carried out by top management to manipulate of accounting accounts, such as Enron and WorldCom. Enron and WorldCom are the example of Corporate that had compromised the responsibility definition and therefore its agents were held responsible and punished, and stricter penalties and stricter procedures were being legislated, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley. Such punishments are considered measure to deter others from carry out such and similar unethical activities in their organization (Painter-Morland, Mollie, 2001, p515).21st Century Driving School, the instructor has certain guidelines to teach student driving lessons; he or she has the option to deliver instructions ethically or unethically. For example, teaching parallel parking takes approximately one to two lessons for a student to be able to park satisfactory. However; the instructor could use four to five hours to complete parallel parking task by letting a student practice by him or herself with minimal guidance from an instructor. Parallel parking is one of the mandatory tasks for the road testing process administrated by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.At KPMG, integrity is about doing the right thing, adhering to high standards of ethical conduct, being honest, accountable and consistent with the standards of professionalism. Each partner and employee must follow KPMG's Global Code of Conduct which addresses in detail the standards of compliance with local laws, policies, professional standards as well as resources used for consultation. These standards demonstrated the expectations of its employees to act lawfully, ethically, independently, objectively and avoiding conflicts of interest and undue influence to act as a responsible corporate citizen. There is a great difference between the ethical responsibilities between 21st Century Driving School and KPMG LLP largely in part by the difference in size of the organization. 21st Century Driving School a privately owned and operated business with only 1 employee is able to dictate his own ethical standards where as KPMG LLP, a global corporation sets out very detailed and stringent ethical guidelines for its...

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