Individual Behavior At Work Essay

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INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR AT WORKThe operation effect of an organization mostly depends on the behavior of individuals within it. It is essential for managers to have deep understanding about how people behave differently over time, in different circumstances, and with different people. Only when managers know what types of behavior make their employees work effectively can they able to encourage or change the behavior of employees. This helps increase their contribution to the organization and then helps the organization operate more fluently and effectively. Individual behavior at work is influenced by many factors, including: Motivation, Ability, Role Perception, and Situation (MARS model) as well as Individual characteristics: Value, Personality, Perception, Emotions, Attitudes, and Stress.AbilitySituationFactorsBehaviorand ResultsMotivationRole PerceptionValuePersonalityPerceptionEmotionAttitudesStressFigure 11: MARS Model of Individual Behavior at Work and ResultsAs can be seen from figure 11 above, all these factors are related to each other and related to behavior of people. If one person can synthesize all these factors, he/she will behave well and get good result. In contrast, lacking one of them could lead to bad behavior and result. For example, you have ability to do your job punctually and effectively. However, you do not aware of your own role. You do not know what you have to do or what your obligations are. Hence, your behavior would not be appropriate. The performance of individual is assessed by two formulas:Person x Situation = PerformanceandAbility x Motivation = PerformanceandRole PerceptionWhen it comes to myself, two factors which influence my behaviors most are motivation and personality. As everybody knows, motivation is one of the first things that affect one's behavior. It encourages and turbochargers my spirit so that I can study and work harder with an aim of getting the best result. Besides, personality impacts on almost all of my behavior, not only in studying and working but also in my daily life.MotivationMotivation is a desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. In my case as a student, motivation is the desire which encourages me to try my best to achieve highest grades.Figure 12: relationship between skills, direction and motivationIt can be denied that motivation has impacted on my behaviors a lot. When I was in high school, there was nearly no special reward for students who performed well in their study as well as other activities. In addition, the environment of high school was not competitive. There was not any harsh competition between students because the rewards were undeserving to compete. Therefore, I found it unnecessary to dedicate 100% of determination to my study. I felt tired of studying and I find study the most boring thing in the world. I rarely went to library for studying. I still did all my homework but I had never study them carefully. Things have changed...


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