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Individual Case Study Project – Disappearance Of Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh 370

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Malaysia Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Malaysia. The airline operates out of its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It operates flights in Asia and the Middle East and also provides flights from Europe to Australia and a transpacific flight from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles via Tokyo. Malaysia Airlines is a member of the One World Alliance.
The five areas of PR pertinent to this particular incident are: crisis communication, employee relations, media relations, investor relations and community relations. In a crisis like this, it is crucial that a corporation like Malaysia Airlines uses effective crisis communication. When it is sudden and unexpected to the general ...view middle of the document...

Ethically, the families of those missing would be a top priority to get in contact with. Media would need to have constant access to information. A hotline or active media center would be effective here to get information out quickly to news outlets. The general public along with investors would also need to be updated as strides were made in the search for the plane. This would keep the community informed and efforts transparent. Employees needed to be communicated with, they would not take kindly to hearing about the entropy their employer was in and the lack of information about the jet and their missing co-workers. In an incident like this the government would become very involved, reaching out to them quickly and being open with them as information came to light would be beneficial to keeping one voice with the officials.
The nature of news coverage following the disappearance on Flight MH 370 was mostly negative. Factors driving the news coverage were the search and failure to find the plane and discreditable Malaysian officials. As discrepancies in news stories were revealed, more focus was placed on the officials and the lack of transparency of Malaysian Airlines and the media. Reports began when the jet was reported missing on March 7, 2014. Since then, news outlets have reported the flight was hijacked by terrorists, crashed in the Indian Ocean and debris had been found of the Australian coast (even though this has yet to be confirmed.) Malaysian officials have been reported numerous times in refusing to answer questions and often giving “no comment,” as an answer. Currently, coverage is still focused on the failed results of search attempts and the anger and grieving of the families of those still missing.
PR tactics employed by Malaysia Airlines included press conferences made by Malaysian officials. Malaysian Prime Minister focused on the families of the missing crew and passengers, mentioning that information would first be given to them and information given to the general public would first need to be confirmed. The Airspace Transport Minister made a statement that numerous nations were working together to aid Malaysia in its search and the Airlines CEO was the official to announce that contact with flight MH370 had been lost.
In an effort to speak in one voice, key messages were used by Malaysia Airlines, The Malaysian Government and the Malaysian Military. These included: Finding the plane as a...

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