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Every day humans are bombarded with the need to lose weight. Television advertisements, billboards, magazines, and even coworkers offer up new ways to shed pounds. It seems as though the days of a balanced diet are a thing of the past and a quick fix via weight loss pills, powders, or supplements is what the general public craves. Maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved in a matter of days, or even weeks. A healthy body requires a lifestyle change and the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and healthy fats along with moderate exercise. Many dieters have found that the initial struggle to lose weight is enough to completely discourage a change of eating habits in any way. The HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a pregnancy hormone used by doctors as a weight loss aid that is injected, or taken as a supplement along with a 500 calorie diet. While under supervision of an administering doctor, HCG has the ability to suppress appetite and eliminate headaches and fatigue, allowing users to comply with the low calorie diet that is prescribed. Although HCG used to be available by prescription only, health food stores, vitamin shops and online shopping markets have become a consumers way around consultation with a qualified professional, putting the user at risk of many health related dangers while using this pseudo supplement that has been labeled unsafe and illegal by the FDA. While not all doctors agree on the use of HCG as a weight loss aid, when used as directed with the close supervision of a physician, legal prescription grade HCG can be safely used as the gateway to a healthy lifestyle.
Although some supplements have the potential to be helpful, when considering how to lose weight the primary concern of the consumer should be the safety of a product and the potential risks or negative effects that may occur. Catherine Holland for Arizona Channel 3 news investigates the dangers of over the counter HCG supplements in her report “FDA: Over-the Counter HCG Products, Fraudulent, Illegal”. “PHOENIX--HCG is the latest diet craze to hit the Internet and now experts at the Food and Drug Administration say not only do over-the-counter HCG drops not work, they are fraudulent and illegal” (1). HCG is not safe in all forms. Most of the hormone that can be purchased online or through health food stores is made outside of the U.S., and therefor does not need to meet the standards upheld by the FDA. In a personal interview Jack Bertch, RPh Pharmacy Manager, warns against the use of HCG as a do-it-yourself answer to weight loss, stating that: “If it worked, we wouldn’t be able to keep it in stock, everyone would be doing it”(1). Bertch also concluded that he would not recommend HCG to his guests because “No conclusive studies have been done” and he “recommends a healthy diet and exercise instead”(1). Bertch also comments on the so-called proven effects of HCG: “It will cause you to lose weight in your wallet,...

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