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Engineering ethics is the study of the moral issues and decisions confronting individuals and organizations engaged in engineering and the study related questions about the moral ideas, character, policies, and the relationships of people and corporations involved in technological activity[1]. This is a serious topic that an engineer must concern about. No matter what areas an engineer is involve in, engineering ethics is one of the most important problem for them. Considering business problems, engineers always have to meet a variety of cases that have little relation to their working areas. Thus engineers will have to balance the relationship between business and life. ...view middle of the document...

It is a confusing topic for people when they are tempted to do something but they know that they should not do to some extent. Especially when they have to give up one of them that seem both important in their life. The conflict of interest happens at this moment.
First of all, Paul is just a manufacture engineer in a company. He does not have the ability to lose any potential vendor for his company, especially for his boss.
Definitely, the most important point in this case is whether Paul should make judgment just upon the private friendship with Duncan, who is a vendor of his company. For Paul, as a manufacturing engineer in Bluestone Ltd, his job is just to gain money for his company. He could also improve the level of his life due to the increasing of his salary upon the benefit he has made.
In the situation of Duncan, like any other vendors to Bluestone Ltd., he is absolutely eager to develop relationships with the employees of the company as close as possible so that he can get a much more benefit from the cooperation with Bluestone Ltd.. in my opinion, he is not a good friend with Paul to some extent. Because his aim is just get profits from the company. The relationship between Paul and himself, however, is a tool for him to build the benefit bridge with Bluestone. In this way, Duncan can make his profit as high as possible.
Secondly, it is right for Paul to accept the invitation on playing golf with them and is also necessary for him to bet the game during his playing with the guests.
Paul is a golf lover that he has extremely high enthusiasm to play golf with others. When Duncan invites him to play together, Paul has no reason to refuse his invitation. Especially when the inviter is one of his vendors, he could get the partnership and friendship at the same time just by plying golf with him and his friends.
Thirdly, friendship is different from the partnership built in business area. Game is game. To corporate with vendors, in my opinion, is not just related on what you have done outside the business area that you are involved in. Sometimes it depends on the power and the scale of the company.
When Paul and other two engineers are told to cut 20 percent of their vendors, Paul has to put benefit for the company at the first place without doubt. Absolutely, Paul has his own judgment about the ranking among his vendors. He clearly knows that which one is the best for his company and which one has the fewest advantages in cooperating with Bluestone Ltd.. Although Paul has developed a deep friendship with Duncan and his friends, he still has to consider the situation that whether Duncan and his team can make profit for his company. That is the problem that the other two engineers have to think about at the same time. In this case, Paul is just one of the engineers who have good relationship with their partners. Sometimes engineers might have to make a decision to differentiate a true friend and a close vendor. So it is reasonable for Paul...

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