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PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAPER 2PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAPER 3Personal Ethics Development PaperThomas MatherlyUniversity of PhoenixPHL323Thomas GrecoOctober 06, 2014Running head: PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAPER 1Personal Ethics Development PaperPersonal ethics development does not start once you are an adult, but is the accumulation of principles and values that one attains throughout their life. Potter Stewart once said "Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do" (Potter, 2014).The development of values is acquired early in life starting with the values that our parents have handed down. As children we learn to correlate good behavior from the praise we receive from our parents and the bad from the scolding's that resulted when doing wrong. This sets the stage for our fundamental value system or our core beliefs which guides our thinking process (Trevino & Nelson, 2011).My personal values like everyone else's were defined at an early age; I came from a large family where family unity was essential for daily life. I was taught at an early age that fairness, honesty, and accountability were the staples that held us together; I remember my father always telling us that a man's word were all that he had and once you put that into question a man had nothing at all. At that time my father had just opened a small business rebuilding clutches and brakes for industrial and farming equipment which everyone in my family had to work at. He always warranted the work he provided; he always gave back the money to customers who complained even though it was not the fault of the product. At the time I thought this was not right as we were extremely poor and needed the money to get by. As it turned out this was what kept the customers returning, after a few years not only were we able to cover cost we were actually making a hefty profit.There are many sources for person to develop their values geographical location, churches, and family are but a few....

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Personal and Company Ethics Essay

887 words - 4 pages Running Head: PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICSPersonal and Organizational Ethics[Writer Name][Institute Name][Course name and number][Name of paper][Instructor's name][Date submitted]Personal and Organizational EthicsWith many companies who work hard to make sure they are ethical, one way they do it is to make sure they have multiple advocates to make sure that the ethical points they are trying to establish are being practiced by the leaders

Personal Ethics Development Paper

1265 words - 5 pages Running head: PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAPER 1 Personal Ethics Development Paperxxx PHL/323 February 24, 2014 Dr. Vickie SimsIntroduction"Sound personal ethics are typically those that positively impact the experience of others when used to govern an individual's social or business related behavior, and at the very least, such ethics should not have a negative impact on others" (BusinessDictionary, 2014). In this paper I will discuss how

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1049 words - 4 pages Personal Values and PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Running head: PERSONAL VALUESPersonal Values and EthicsUniversity of PhoenixMANAGEMENTMGT/521June 02, 2010Personal Values and EthicsThe word ethics is best described as, the behavior related to established standards of right and wrong that determine what he or she, as human beings, should do in terms of his or her moral duty, obligations, and virtues as it relates to societies welfare. Developing

Personal Ethics Development

1106 words - 4 pages develop and well defined. Obtaining at job at 16 was a way to help further develop these skills. At six 16 waiting tables at a local restaurant taught additional responsibility. The ability to make additional money for the household and personal use showed respect and responsibility to mother and others. From these skills learned, an individual can adapt to the situation surrounding them and maintain key character, values, and ethics. These

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3223 words - 13 pages I shouldn't be open to new arguments. Many of the most significant discussions (ethical and otherwise) have strong points on both sides, and all choices should be considered carefully. Ethics inspire trust, loyalty, and effective, meaningful relationships. If I am going to make a difference, I must set high ethical examples for others to follow. My personal code of ethics includes not only how I wish to conduct myself on a daily basis, but also

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1899 words - 8 pages Personal PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Personal and Organizational Ethics and ValuesThere are as many individual perspectives on values as there are people on the planet. Nonetheless, there is a consistent theme that arises when examining values and beliefs. Values determine how a person or organization responds to any situation. A person with values is a person that makes the right decision for the right reason. Parents, religious leader, educators

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1122 words - 4 pages Decisions we make everyday are influenced in part by our core values. Our cultural background, individual bias, personal ethics, and past experiences help to form the basis of our value system. "We begin sharpening our values at a very early age. Our parents, teachers, friends, religious leaders, heroes and fictional idols teach us right from wrong" (Deblieux, 1995). These teachings help us to evaluate situations and form conclusions

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1740 words - 7 pages The major areas of my values and ethics can be summarized in six words: excellence, personal integrity, responsibility, ambition, accountability, and determination. Excellence guides me when setting targets in all my undertakings; I normally strive to achieve my best. Personal integrity and accountability enable me to make sound judgments to avoid engaging in actions that will hurt me and/or other people around me. Responsibility is important to

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2652 words - 11 pages and should be easy to follow as I continue my career. Interaction with PRSA: A discussion of how your personal code of ethics will interact with professional and/or organizational codes of ethics of your choosing. The PRSA is the standard for most public relations professionals and the one most often used in class. This code has been developed by several practitioners so that our profession can continue to advance ethically; also as a

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1114 words - 4 pages Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper All people have personal values and ethics, just as they have cultural values. Often times, those personal values and ethics may clash with those of their employer. As an example, as an individual, a person's ethical guidelines might require honesty, integrity and respect. If that individual works for a company that does not necessarily operate under those same tenets, the employee may well face an

Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

1365 words - 5 pages Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Personal, organizational, and cultural values are the basis of an individual's personal and professional decision-making style. These values are the key ingredients that make up our core beliefs. Values are ideas that are actions which could be right or wrong, good or bad that are the basis of human action (Tosi 2000). Personal values might also be called morality, since they reflect general

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Personal Ethics Essay

848 words - 3 pages Personal Ethics In today's world, individuals can make a single decision that can have a profoundly positive or negative effect on their family, their employer, coworkers, a nation, and even on the entire world. The life we lead reflects the strength of a single trait: our personal character. Personal ethics are different for each person but for the most part, people want to be known as a good person, someone who can be trusted, and he or

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827 words - 3 pages Running head: PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAGE 1 PERSONAL ETHICS DEVELOPMENT PAGE 4 Personal Ethics DevelopmentKera MoorePHL/323September 8th, 2014Edward PeetPersonal Ethics DevelopmentEthics is defined as, "The principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or organization" (Treviño & Nelson, 2011, p. 17). Personal ethics focuses on ones morals, beliefs, and values that many gain from family values, customs

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1115 words - 4 pages ethical decision, especially as a leader. First, ethics may mean different things to different people. For example, my religious and spiritual beliefs are the foundation for what I deem ethical. However, for someone else, ethics might be based on laws or their own personal understanding of what is right or wrong. Generally, I do believe there are some behaviors that all can agree upon as being ethical or unethical. For example, most people

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1077 words - 4 pages contributed to and continue to shape my personal ethics include people in my life, the culture in which I live, philosophical beliefs, and laws that govern me.People in my life that have had great influence on me such as my friends, the teachers that I have leaned from, and most importantly my family have all shaped my ethical beliefs. As long as I can remember, I can recollect my father, my mother, and my grandparents reminding me of what was right and