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Personal Growth Experience Essay

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Personal Growth Experience As a mother I have cared and tried to push my son's education so that he can succeed in his life. I came from a large family in Brazil. I wasn't the only child; I learned to share, how provide for myself, and for my 3 sisters, and 3 brothers. My father was a serious man; he had a job, and still came home to provide for all of us. During dinnertime he insisted that everyone had to be home and had to sit down at the table and talk about their day. This was a must in my family too. The reason why he had that rule was because he was a religious man, and meals should be shared with the family as well as conversations. No one had any choice of not sitting at the table, unless we didn't want to eat.When I had a child, I waited for the right time to have one. I didn't want to rush into motherhood responsibility until I had everything in order to support my child. My husband had to find a job, and so did I. We had a house, a car, and jobs to support my child; we were ready. When my child was born, I chose to go to the United States of America, so that my child can have a better life. In Brazil, the education is not challenging, and not recognized in other parts of the world as a higher education. For him to have a better education, a better standard of living, and for him to have what we never had, we had to give up our lives in Brazil. As the years went by I was always there for my son. Through my eyes as he grows older, he is still the little boy that I held in my arms for the first time. In his teenage years I have seen him...

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