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GOAL #1: Create a 30 seconds short animation.
SWOT Analysis
I have a great knowledge of Autodesk Maya which allow me to study new topics with a greater difficultly.
If I do not buy Zbrush, I would not have any expenses.
I have a basic idea of what I would like to do.
I have little knowledge in rigging. However, I will take a online class to improve my rigging skills.
My skills to sketch cartoon characters are not the best. However, two friends on the 2D Animation department are helping me with the design, and I can buy Character Animation Crash Course by Eric Goldberg to improve my drawing skills.
Having a short animation gives me the opportunity to improve my skills as an Animator, while improving my Portfolio, Demo Reel and it also gives me the opportunity to participate in several competitions.
My project can fail, which means I did not have the ability to bring to life a fictional characters with personality. To make a short that tell the story (how the character feels, where he is going, what occurs physically in the plot and the character’s attitude though out.)
Month 1 - Learn Animation Principles in Autodesk Maya through Digital Tutors to maximize my skills as animator. Studying at least 2 hours daily. Also come up with several ideas for the main purpose of the animation. Financial Resources - None since the Academy of Art University has access to the Digital Tutors library, and Autodesk Maya can be obtain free as a student.
Month 2 - Learn Creature Rigging for Production and Character Rigging for production in Autodesk Maya through Digital Tutors to improve my skills as animator and rigger. Studying at least 2 hours daily. Also sketching thumbnails for the main characters, their costumes and attitudes. Financial Resources - None.
Month 3 - Learn Texturing in Zbrush and Character Animation In Autodesk Maya through Digital Tutors to boost my skills as animator and illustrator. Studying at least 2 hours daily. Furthermore modeling, rigging main characters for the short animation. Financial Resources - The Academy of Art University provides access for students to several programs on...

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