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Individual Needs Essay

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One of the essential factors that influences teaching corresponds to taking account of the particular individual differences of the pupils. This means, not only supporting pupils with special educational needs, but also planning for student differences so that all students can feel challenged and motivated according to their individual capabilities and prior knowledge. Kyriacou C (1997, pag 56) wrote: "Taking account of pupils differences is a key factor in thinking about effective teaching".

The first step consists of assessing learner's needs; teachers usually do so at the beginning of the course because that allows them to design the programmes they teach and also to help them with ...view middle of the document...

It was easy to find that he had some kind of additional need as he did nothing during classes. After chatting with him one-to-one, he let me know that he considered that he knew nothing about Spanish language so he can not cope with tasks. That showed me that he had a kind of emotional block or fear to express himself in Spanish despite his double cheked knowledge on the language. Of course, the following plans for this group included differentiated tasks for this student so that he could, at least, complete tasks and change the feeling of knowing anything about Spanish language. The use of written tasks in Spanish, in which he had to write less words than other students, made him work and encouraged him to take a responsible attitude to their own work.

Regarding the strategies which promote and enhance the learning of students with different educational needs, Kyriacou C (1997 ,pag 59-75) indicates many of them according to pupils' differences. Firstly, strategies for different ability students are mainly focused on how to deal with gifted and less-able children. Apart from provision for gifted children outside the school, the main approach, in the context of Spanish language, involves school-based enrichment materials and activities so that gifted pupils can be stretched. It means that they are involved in a higher quality course of work. The use of open-ended tasks in which students are expected to write in Spanish, enables gifted children to create a higher quality work and to be stretched, and at the same time, these task can be used for the rest of pupils (differentiation by outcome). In the case of less-able students the main strategy consists of making them experience success and encouragement by providing them the opportunity for regular success. Therefore, differentiatiation is essential to meet the individual needs of all...

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