Individual Nursing Graduate Study Research Paper

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Care is a universal right. Every man living deserves appropriate medical and nursing attention when situation arises. Nursing care is probably one of the best services that health institutions can offer aside from the prescription of drugs, performance of surgeries and other that require huge amount of money. With care, some instability in the emotional, psychological, and physical aspect of human are healed. This is because; man is innately dependent to other people. And with the present aging population wherein there is a big demand for nursing and medical professionals, health care is sometimes becoming a privilege already. That those who have the direct access to health providers are the ones prioritized leaving the severely sick people behind. Today, there is a big demand for health care and surprisingly, problems are growing bigger ass the population continues to expand. Problems include ineffective health insurance plans, expensive health care costs, and inappropriate medical attention or to put it in worse case, malpractices.Becoming a nurse is a personal choice. There is a passion being realized that care should be given to everybody and that I have a given talent for that. Such talent is waiting to be fully nurtured in the practice of my nursing career. But perhaps, my knowledge can be so insufficient considering that the society is evolving and that the demand for health care is becoming more and more extreme. In fact, Lesser, Ginsburg, and Devers (2003) cited in their study that the demand for health care has increased in double-digits in the early 1990s. Just imagine how fast the need for this grows came the millennium era.As a future practitioner and a student of the nursing profession, there are always challenges that set as obstacles in directly fulfilling a career. First, I am personally aware that education does not stop in the university or in an educational institution. Learning is not limited to what the instructors would feed to a student. I still would like to be a student but apart from that, ultimately, I want to serve the sick people as a full-pledged nurse. The challenge is to how I should be able to manage handling two demanding careers at the same time when I know that at the middle of the road, I must choose which comes first. I recognize the beauty of education especially in the field of health care. Every three years or so, there are new perspectives on how to improve nursing care or what sort of appropriate approach are applicable to distinct situations.Secondly, the rising cost of health care in the country is one major factor that hinders American to get the most advanced medical attention that they need. It is also one of the reasons of health providers for the tendency of giving poor quality of healthcare in terms of amenities, services and other aspects that can be cut short the budget. The challenge as a student of the nursing profession is how to deliver quality health care at reasonable cost. Lesser et al...

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