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INDIVIDUAL ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR IMPORTANCEFARHAD HEIDARISeptember, 23 2003ORG 502Virginia McminnUniversity Of PhoenixDefining Organizational BehaviorThere are many texts that define Organizational Behavior as being a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization's effectiveness. An organization is comprised of individuals who make up the organizational behavior. From top management down to the employee, organizational behavior takes shape. The effectiveness of the organization largely depends on the structure of the organization, and how well the individuals or groups behave within the structure.ManagementManagement's role in structuring the organization is to plan, organize, direct, and control. In order for an organization to survive, it must have some structure about it. Management make's the decisions and then try to implement them in an effective way as to accomplishing their goals. I think that if management, has a plan, is well organized, knows how to direct and has everything under control, then the organization is structured well. Very few and in between do we find an organization like this, and if so they are used as model to help other organizations become effective.The value, visions and goals are what management thrive on to help with the success of the organization. Management must not only understand the values and goals of the organization, but also that of the employees. This will help in deciphering what is to be expected from both, management and employee. As a working individual, I have always valued the health care field; I have come to value it even more, because I work in it. To understand why values and goals are so important in an organization or to an individual; is to understand their beliefs.Productivity and EfficiencyWhen management and employees are at harmony with one another, productivity increases and work efficiency is greater. To create an atmosphere such as this, there are many issues that come into play; I will discuss two. First, most organizations that are effective, communicate with their employees. Management will hold meetings, or they will work side by side with their employees, and encourage feedback. Communicating, I think is a tool an organization should rank first on their list. I also think production and efficiency will increase as long as there is an open line of communication from management to the employee.Second, offering incentives for a job well done, I think will not only boost productivity and efficiency, but may keep the employee motivated. Incentives can range from, a pay increase, a bonus, a day off with pay, and so forth. In some organizations, lucrative incentives are what keep some employees bound to the organization, thus creating a bond. I personally like incentives if they are used in the right way, but they can also be used as a...

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