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Individual Paper

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A group can be defined as several individuals who come together to accomplish a particular task. In the case of my group, the five of us were assigned the task of coming up with a six-hour training program detailing the importance and need for public relations in companies. As a task group Joanna, Diana, Eric, Paige, and I were brought together to accomplish a narrow range of goals within a specific time period. Joanna and I assigned goals and certain tasks to the different people in our group and shortly after our initial meeting in class, emergent roles started to naturally develop to meet the needs of the group at a specific time. Despite a few miscommunications and scheduling conflicts, ...view middle of the document...

As a group, we exerted pressure on our members to conform to the group standards because the norms reflected the level of commitment, motivation, and performance that was expected of each other. The performance norms we created determined how quickly each member should do their work would and how much work they should produce. These were established to determine the levels of individual effort and ensure that tasks were getting done in a timely manner. All of us were expected to be on time to group meetings, answer our emails in a timely manner, respond to the Group Me texts, and get our individual parts of the project done by the deadlines we set. When these things did not happen, group conflict would occur.
Conflict situations arise when the goals or values of the members interfere with each other. I can only recall one instance of conflict that we needed to manage. We had a major group meeting that everyone was required to attend. I got there first, Diana showed up second, and Joanna showed up shortly after. We began to work, twenty minutes passed and neither Paige nor Eric had arrived. After quite a bit of effort we were able to contact the two and tell them to come to the tail end of the meeting. Both of them felt bad for missing a majority of the group meeting so we collaborated on a solution. Since Joanna, Diana, and I did most of the work in that meeting, Eric took our individual write ups and organized them into a paper. Paige offered to create a schedule that we used as the agenda for our six-hour training program. This allowed us to feel comfortable that there was a shared responsibility in the outcome of our project and all of the parties felt as though the conflict of two of our members being absent from the group meeting, was solved.
After that group meeting, we used computer-mediated communication via email and Group Me to accomplish our conjunctive tasks. This allowed us to make decisions and problem solve without having to meet up in person. Both of those methods were a fast and effective way of communicating with each other.
Leadership emergence starts when a member of the group voluntarily takes on tasks, helps others in the group complete their tasks, and proves them to be worthy of the leadership title. The person whom I think exhibited this the most was Joanna. She is extroverted, assertive, and well spoken. Joanna was the least passive about confronting issues about being on time and putting more effort into the group, which was needed sometimes. Whenever someone needed help completed a task, Joanna was the first to volunteer. She also acted as a gatekeeper by making sure all members of the groups had a chance to express themselves by encouraging the quieter members to contribute their ideas. Though she was not the assigned...

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