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Individual Rights Are Disapearing As The War On Terror Progresses.

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All over the world individual rights are slowly vanishing. "The War on Terror" is pressing and another war is taking place. The war is over citizens rights and the government is winning. Over the past five years citizens have lost their right to, true free speech, to take photos of anything public, to play jokes, also the entire constitution is nothing with current laws.The public has become more and more panicked and edgy as well as the police. Earlier this week, a man was detained and questioned over singing a song by the band "The Clash". He was in a cab headed to the air port and he sung the lyrics that included: "Now war is declared -- and battle come down". You may be thinking that is enough to question someone but would you have said that ten years ago? People's right to sing in public or even play April fools jokes has been restricted by a sense of fear that has never been around before. Five girls face criminal charges for putting up question mark boxes from the popular Mario game franchise. These are simple card board boxes that are covered in shinny paper with a large question mark on the side of them. They placed them around their town as a April Fool's Joke. People panicked and called the bomb squad. Now they are facing possible criminal charges as a result of the game.In the United States of America and Canada before 9/11 you had the right to take photographs of anything unless people had an expectation of privacy. If a security officer came and asked for your film, they could not take it. Now with everyone living in fear, you cannot take a few snapshots of a bank from outside. If you take pictures of the New York subway, Security will greet you and tell you to keep the lens cap on. This happens all over. Since the "War on Terrorism" and since the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001 photographing public things has been deemed a "questionable activity". A small town photographer was taking photos of pot holes for a news story, Police began to drive by repeatedly and then stopped to ask him what he was doing. Even after an ID check which showed that he was an photographer for a newspaper, the Police still insisted on sticking around and watching him. What type of freedom is that where you have the law breathing down your neck?The biggest thing taking away from people rights's in the United States of America is the Patriot Act. This Act does four main things: It allows the government to obtain...

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