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The objective of this project is to design and created a device that can process the output of a guitar pickup and automatically tune the guitar to the desired overall tuning. The core principles of the projects would be a device that is built exclusively for tuning a guitar. The device developed from the current project should be both gentle and durable. When the user strums all six strings together, the vibrations are detected by a piezoelectric sensor which utilizes an algorithm to determine each strings fundamental frequency. The tuning peg is then turned by a servo, which is controlled by a microcontroller, to adjust the tension until the desert are detected by a piezoelectric sensor ...view middle of the document...

I function as the checker and encourage on the team, where I was in charges of experimental design and professionalism. We get together with the basic principles as wells as the researching we have done to come up with a clear goal of what should done. Then, we took the Dr. Andreas Sapanias’ advice and split the team. While the other two team members were building a model of the six different frequency base off sin wave, I was testing out the hardware design model of the motors though if-else statement Using VHDL. Since, I made the first experimental design myself, I was the one who is check what should be done and how we should do it. I make arrangements for the team. I encourage our team to think outside the box. In this way, we have alternate approaches to the project, and that’s is how we can improve our design. I believed our goal of this project should not be a specific product, but rather a way or multiple ways to solve to the problem we encounter.
There are many things we as a team did incorrectly, the one thing I think I did incorrectly is the software and hardware comparability. We wanted an IP chip which are smaller, can store data and manipulated with signals as wells as comparable with our software. However, for now I failed to find one which will fit our desires as wells as the budget. I think we can fix the problem by doing furthermore researching on the actual device. Depending on the situation we might have to build the actual device by ourselves. The component design and process design would do differently if I had the project to do over. At least, we should be designing the specific hardware instead of looking for products out on the market. The surprises that I encountered during the semester are the frequency separations, I realized the overlapping of the music notes are larger than I was expecting after we did a few experiments. We started working together to solve the problem, because we realized this the first step of the projects without this we have no project. After a long process of researching, we have a few ideas in mind....

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