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Personal Statement Accounting And Finance Essay

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Personal StatementWith the character of composure, steadiness and fortitude, I never give up. During middle school, I wasn't deeply attracted to accountancy until having read the book Corporate Finance written by Stephen A. Ross. It brought me to a completely new world with many different ways and modes of thinking, making me feel wonders of the major's macro-function and micro-details. Consequently, my damnedest and savvy sent me to the commercial college of Renmin University of China in which my specialized field was accountancy. Three years of professional study has inspired my strong and unique sense of accounting, not to mention how prudential and careful I am in pursuing my bachelor degree.The enormous pressure in this first-class campus with fierce competition stimulated me to strive for a better future instead of keeping stagnant。Without compromising to difficulties, I made every effort to improve and strengthen myself in all aspects. Active participation in class and plenty of time spent in the library finally earned for me the "Excellent Student"、"Second Prize Scholarship" and so on. Apart from my personal effort, as monitor, I also attempted and organized many class activities, such as mock interview where I divided my classmates into two groups, one group acting as the interviewer, the other as interviewee. During my ,I coordinated different parts of our class, 最终使得our class gained the honor of University-level Excellent Class in 2013.I am a faster-learner with solid foundation of accountancy,economics and relevant practical experience, willing to accept challenges. During my internship in Ernest & Young, (由于人手缺乏)我一个人在团队中承担了香港金利高股份有限公司的2013 年度审计工作。但是我从不抱怨工作艰苦,加班辛苦,我利用自己的专业素养和所学知识准确、高效地完成了所有工作,得到了经理给予的满分实习成绩以及安永全职offer,这serves as a Cornerstone of future...

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