Individual Strengths And Problem Solving Essay

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INSTRUCTIONS:Individual Strengths and Problem Solving TechniquesThis two-part assignment enables you to reflect on your individual strengths and problem-solving skills as they apply to the group process and decision making. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper formatted according to APA guidelines. The paper must be organized according to the following categories:a. Part 1: Individual Strengths and the Group Process1) Describe a group setting or scenario in which you have worked or of which you are currently a part.2) What are the strengths and skills that you have brought to this group setting? How have they benefited the group?3) Are there any drawbacks your strengths and skills have brought to the group? Describe how they have affected the group.4) How have other group members¿ strengths and skills affected the group process?5) What are some skills you could improve on to foster a more effective group environment? How can you improve these skills?b. Part 2: Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making1) What problem solving techniques do you know or use regularly?2) How do your techniques influence group decisions?3) What other problem solving techniques could you use when making group decisions?4) What can you do to develop or improve your problem solving techniques?Individual Strengths and Problem-SolvingGroups, or teams, by definition are "people working together to achieve a shared goal" (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, p. 2). Even though it remains unexpected for individuals to be well-rounded, groups ought to be (Covert, n.d.). This essay will examine a personal reflection in the area of individual strengths and problem-solving skills. These strengths and skills will be under assessment amidst the scenario of a specified group process.Group ScenarioThe Patient Satisfaction Committee is in place to assemble individuals from differing experience and expertise with the common goal of maintaining or improving customer service standards and expectations throughout the health care facility. Members meet once a month to use brainstorming and starbursting techniques in an effort to improve employee satisfaction as well as implement strategies for fundraisers to benefit local charities.Individual Strengths and SkillsWithin the past five years serving on this superb committee, many skills and strengths have been personally brought out to benefit the actions and results ensued. "The members of successful groups know how to identify appropriate roles for themselves and how to work with the roles that other group members adopt" (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, p. 58). It remains important, within the professional growth process, to learn to represent the necessary skills in obligatory scenarios in an effort to promote leadership and cohesion. Individual group members, on average, take on a blend of available roles conditional on the situation and members involved (Chimaera Consulting Limited, 1999). In classifying personally specific roles,...

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