Human Trafficking In Russia Essay

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11:04 p.m. A girl somewhere in Russia wakes up from the sound of heavy footsteps creaking up the wooden steps. Confused, she begins crying, trying to escape the chains, but as soon as she attempts, the face of a stranger comes near her. 11:07 p.m. A girl somewhere in Russia becomes a victim of human trafficking. Human trafficking has existed across the globe for thousands of years. From the Ancient Greek and Romans to the medieval times, until today, humans have existed as victims of the cruel act of human trafficking. Among the worst countries that obtain human trafficking, Russia tops the chart. Russia’s geography, government, enactments, institution, and markets join together to make clear as to why Russia has victims of human trafficking.
Human trafficking exist as the cruelest act of all time. Innocent people get acted on by insanely sick humans, resulting in broken families. Unpreventable, unforgivable, unimaginable. According to the article Human Trafficking by the UNODC group,
“Human Trafficking appears as the most common form of modern day slavery, the fastest growing business of organized crime, and the third largest criminal enterprise in the world” (2014).

Applying information from this article, modern day slavery comes off as human trafficking according to what the victims do and the results. Human trafficking, a terrible form of slavery and involuntary servitude, results in the violation of human rights. Trafficking in persons tends to be a trans-national crime as well as a crime that takes place within the borders of the country. According to the article Human Trafficking, human trafficking has a meaning, act, and purpose.
“The act (what is done) is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons. The means (how it is done) uses threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victims. The purpose (why it is done) is usually for exploitation, which includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, force labor, slavery or similar practices and removal of organs” (2014).

It comes off as difficult to comprehend that in this day slavery still exists, that people still get bought, sold and transported all over the world. Human trafficking exploits innocent people across the world for the purpose of sexual exploitation and forced labor. Human Trafficking exists more commonly now than ever before. Human trafficking takes place in almost every country in the world. The author states this in the article, What is Human Trafficking, almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims (2014). Worldwide, every country experiences some sort of human trafficking in their community. Referring to Wendel Renner’s article, Human Trafficking happens because prostitution is illegal, states why he believes human...

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