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Individuality Essay

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Individuality is meant to let individuals express their true nature. Not to be tainted by society. Individualism is one’s thought that his/her life belongs to him and only him. He believes he has to right to live the way he wants. As Alfred Maurice has once stated, “Individual’s life belongs to him and that he has unalienable rights to live as he sees fit” (Maurice 406). Individuals tend to have their own style, a style in which separates them from the crowd. Their style may be shown through their appearance, opinions, and behavior. In reference to Alfred Maurice, “Each has his own body, mind, and life” (Maurice 406). Many individuals are ignored due to their choice of differentiating ...view middle of the document...

This may have a negative effect on young adults and even children.
The fashion a person sports may express their personality or emotions. The details, color and style on the clothing all contribute to fashion. People tend to judge others by the way he/she presents themselves to the public. The behavior of the person is also judged by the public. In some cases, the public goes as far as to putting stereotypes on the individual. Society may shun and bash individuals for the way they look, act, or for simply having a disability. Individuals are not always accepted into society. They are often misjudged. Due to society’s harsh ways, many individuals have gone into self-harm. Self-harm includes cutting ones wrists, suicide attempts, and harming one’s body. Many people in the U.S commit suicide due to depression.
Schools are trying to prevent students from judging one another and singling others out by enforcing dress codes. According to ‘’, dress codes reduce ways for gang members to identify themselves and intimidate other students. Dress codes reduce the risk of students being robbed due to expensive clothing or jewelry. In basic terms, dress codes help students be treated equally and prevent students from degrading other classmates. (Trump)
People have their own morals and way of thinking. Humans should not have to be given natural rights when they have their own morals and are capable of making their own decisions. John Locke supports this theory with his statement, “natural rights come from nature or God and are not ‘granted’ by government” (Americapedia). Freedom of speech lets these individuals express their thoughts and perspectives on certain things. They are given a chance to let others see things through their eyes however, not everything’s unlimited. Americans are given the rights to many things, but up to a certain extent. No individual has the right to enforce their decisions and choices onto another individual. In reference to Ayn Rand, “Everyone has the right to make his own decision, but none has the right to force his decision on others” (Rand).
The Bill of Rights states the basic rights of an American. People are born with rights regardless of race, ethnicity, skin color, appearance, family background, etc. This is in reference...

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