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Individuality In Students Essay

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When it comes to schooling each child takes a different approach. The reason for this, each child's mind is only capable of handling so much. As well, each child learns their own way at their own pace. Due to the school system wishing to have a more uniformed style in teaching and testing the amount of stress imposed on an individual has increased greatly in the years. The schooling system needs to understand and promote individuality in student's in order to achieve a higher student success rate.
On average a student goes through eight classes in one day, five days a week. Now add in about an hours worth of homework from each class, that is about eight hours of homework each night, forty ...view middle of the document...

Each child is different and that fact alone proves how the idea of standardized testing does not work to exploit what a child knows after a year in certain classes.
Many believe that the idea of conforming each student will allow them to create a bettered society and provide them with a better chance of success. However, conformity does not work in a situation such as this due to the uniqueness of an individual. In an article written by Neil Postman, the author says "You cannot have a democratic-- indeed, civilized-- community life unless people have learned how to participate in a disciplined way as a part of a group" (Postman). While this individual statement is true, that does not mean that each student needs to learn to do the same things as each of their peers. Teaching children tolerance and learning how to compromise with other ideals is one thing, but requiring them to all perform well on the same test in not logical due to the different ways each student things. In a situation such as this, individuality needs to be taken into account when creating a test for every student. A simple, while also time consuming, solution would be to create different test for a smaller group of students who have shown to (almost) think the same.
What makes a thriving society what it is the different attributes each person can contribute to the whole of a community. If from a young age a child is taught that being unique is not right then they may be holding back a very important component of a society. In one project, a few guys have showed how the idea that guys are not supposed to be "girly" and need to learn to man up is one thing that has created this situation of guys never showing compassion or admitting that they need help. Because of ideas that it is weird to be different the individuality gets taken from a person which leaves them possibly depressed and feeling...

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