Individuality: The Colourful Meanings Of Chrysanthemums

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There are hundreds of unique and intricate petals which make up the chrysanthemum flower. The soft curving of the petals show how there is complexity within the flower's entirety. The complexity of the flower is often similar to myself because there are many aspects within my life that define who I am. There are different characteristics that symbolize me, depending on the colour of the flower blossom.
The white blossoms within the chrysanthemum show both beauty and independence. I grew up around various people who taught me to be elegant and have composure no matter who I am around. My Mom was one of the many people that taught me that it is important to surround yourself with people who see you for who you really are. That life lesson is important so that if new people come into my life they do not expect me to change. Another life lesson my mom taught me was how to acquire being independent and having responsibilities at a young age. My Mom often worked long hours and took night classes after work. While she was gone, I often was with my grandparents. I was around older people throughout my childhood which allowed me to become more self-reliant at a younger age than most children. Another colour of the chrysanthemum that describes me is orange because it has the meaning of being optimistic and possessing good communication skills. I am a very optimistic person and like to see the best within any situation. This strategy helps an extraordinary amount because I can persevere through many disagreements, that most people would not be able to handle effectively. An example is when my step father becomes a control freak; I try to find a positive solution, which is usually talking about my opinions with him. I also have great communication skills and can effectively express my feelings diplomatically. My communication skills I have obtained because I have a love for psychology.
My passion for psychology introduces the next blossom colour, which is pink. Pink has a meaning of acceptance throughout your life and to be insightful. One situation that has allowed me to have acceptance throughout life is many of my family members have passed away in the last few years. Learning about psychology has allowed me to learn that it is ok to grieve. Recently my biological great grandma died of thyroid...

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