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Individualized Education Program Case Study Project Part I: Ryan

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Identification of a child with a learning disability can be a challenging issue, especially for parents who invest heavily on a child to ensure that he/she becomes a better person in life. The story of Ryan is one such narrative that took all involved parties some time before arriving at the conclusion that Ryan was a special child.
Important Information Shared by Family to Identify Ryan’s Learning Needs
In the assessment of Ryan, the parent provided crucial information that led to identification of challenges that Ryan was going through. The parent spent a lot of time helping the child to complete his homework. Secondly, the parent realized that Ryan would be able to memorize a story, but reading and writing down the story was the challenge because the letters were jumbled up in a word. Ryan was showing extreme signs of frustration while at home, an aspect that he hid from his class teacher and schoolmates. Ryan was not afraid to ask the mother for help in doing homework and worked quite hard to please the mother, although inherent challenges frustrated his efforts.
The family was consistently seeking to improve and motivate Ryan in his work, offering as much emotional support as they possibly could. The family did point to the case where all other students were awarded with candy while he was left out, which was a great challenge to Ryan. Ryan knew that he was talented but discharging the information appropriately on paper was the challenge. The family also motivated Ryan never to segregate himself from social events like sports. Ryan also loved sports. All these aspects were very helpful information shared by the parents because they did show that Ryan was getting the nurture and positive response from the caregiver due to a close relationship with the caregiver (Fox, Carta, Strain, Dunlap, & Hemmerter, 2009).
Ryan’s Strengths and Challenges
Ryan had several strengths. First, Ryan’s cognitive development was okay because he was able to grasp information with the mind similar to other students in class. The teacher also notes that Ryan was an active participant in class in oral sessions and would be among the first students to respond to a question. Ryan had hobbies, which included individual sports, archery and playing with the pet dog. Ryan was active in seeking assistance from people he would trust. Ryan also has a loved a sense of humor that eased up the pressure from decadence. Ryan also showed a lot of determination. Ryan would call his mother when it was time to do homework and he paid attention in class.
Despite these strengths, Ryan had several weaknesses. First, Ryan has a problem in reading from a book. Initially the parent thought that he had a problem with the eyes and they went for check up but realized that his eyes did not have any problem. Ryan had a problem in writing down all the...

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