People Depend On Technology Too Much

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In the world we live in today every thing involves some sort of technology. We are surrounded by it twenty four seven and use it personally on a daily basis. At this very moment I am using technology to write this essay. Technology has made man kind life easier and has helped us a ton but it does have its disadvantages. We are too dependent on it. People are still able to live long healthy lives with out so much technology. All these advances are helping us at the moment but in the long run they are slowly killing us.

I'm not going to lie Technology does gives us a lot we can benefit from. With all the technology there is these days we have been able to find cures to some diseases. It helps us keep in contact with our friends and family. It doesn't matter if that person is on the other side of the world; with the power of technology you can still email, text, web cam, or call them. I have a friend from Germany who was an exchange student during my sophomore year of high school and to this date we still keep in touch. It makes long distance relationships a little easier. Our cellphones could come in handy in case of an emergency. If you get lost or in some type of accident you can quickly call any one who can come help you. We can use our phones to note important information, set alarms, get directions, and much more. If you have a school project to work on you go on google and find a bunch of valuable information you need for it. At any given moment you can take out your phone look up a question and within a second you've got a billion answers. With all the advances of technology, we have many kitchen appliances to help us keep our food fresh and cook.

What happen to using just regular paper and a pencil. Now a days some teachers/professors prefer having their students use there lap tops to take notes. We also can do homework online even math homework on line where the teacher can't see if you did any work, you can just be looking up everything online. There is even physical education classes online. No wonder our country's obesity percent is extremely high. Everything we use now has auto correct including our cellphones. This is helping us, but what are you going to do when you have to write an essay on the spot without using any technology.

We depend on technology for our entertainment as well. We have become more obsessed with television, game systems, cell phones, music players, digital cameras, and computers. Kids don't go out to play anymore, because they are glued to their video games or television. That is causing us all to become lazier. I don't walk my dogs or run...

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