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Individuals Educated In Biology Or Who Are Health Conscious Are Opposed To The Genetic Modification Of Foods

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Genetically modified foods are food products that have had their genetic make-up altered or changed using various genetic engineering techniques. This includes inserting foreign DNA in to an organism in order to introduce favourable traits or enhancing, altering or removing existing features of organisms. These are techniques that do not occur naturally in the environment and therefore GM is capable of creating the “ideal” organism. GM is used for various reasons but is usually advantageous to someone; either the manufacturer or the consumer. However, genetic modification has become a very controversial and heated debate in the world today.

Many people are against the idea of their food being artificially produced and are therefore not happy to buy genetically modified products. The majority of the people who are against GMO’s are people who are well educated in Biology or who lead a healthy lifestyle. These people have a good knowledge and their concerns fall into two categories: environmental concerns and human health risks. The long term impacts and effects of Genetic engineering, as it is a new technology, are largely unknown, which is one of the largest contributing factors to peoples unfavourable opinions about GMO’s.

Individuals who studied Biology as a core subject at school, who have further education in Biology or a related field, or who have an interest in a healthy lifestyle, are familiar with and are against genetically modified (GM) products.

Aims of Research:
• To determine the effect of biological education on people’s perceptions of genetically modified products.
• To discover the effects of biological education on people’s knowledge of genetically modified products.
• To determine the effect of being health conscious on people’s views of genetically modified products.
• To gain knowledge about Genetics and genetically modified products.
• To learn more about the reasons for genetic modification in relation to food products.
• To investigate the prevalence of genetically modified products in South African stores
• To discover people’s reasons for being anti genetic modification.

- I will be conducting this research investigation to find out more about the relationship between health/biological knowledge and the attitudes towards GM foods
- I produced an online survey that features 13 questions
- I created my survey on a website named “Adobe Form central” which allowed the process to be extremely efficient and organised.
- I emailed the link of my form to 50 people. They opened the link, filled in their responses and submitted their responses online I then received their anonymous responses on a neat, online spread sheet.
- This was a highly effective way in which to conduct my research as I was able to personally select individuals who I believed would give me a good variety of data. It was also extremely helpful as the website aided me in the process of ordering my data as it...

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