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Individuals are the most important asset to any business. When conducting business however, it is important to have an organization system. When creating this system, a manager has to keep in mind the different attributes that an individual can bring. A manager has to be able to consider the values, attitude, ethics, and cultural differences when creating an organization system for a business. Awareness of these organizational behavior factors can impact overall performance of a business or firm and are crucial for any manager to understand.
Values are what an individual finds important to himself. This means that every person in a company could potentially have different values. Urbany (2005) conducted surveys that show how companies with values statements have 70% better organization among employees. This is because an employee knows exactly what the company expects as an outcome; therefore the employee can make the best decision to reach that point (Urbany, 2005, pp. 169-182). Urbany also states that values are becoming more of the focus when dealing with customers. A value statement in the business should be the guide for any employee to use when helping customers. According to researchers, the original intent of a values statement is to be seen by the public and encourage business. These values statements have become increasingly useful internally. Managers, along with employees, have to make judgment calls on a day to day basis. Value statements can help clarify the company’s expectations as well as create steps for employees to follow. (Urbany, 2005, pp. 169-182). A recent study according to Ackerman, Fink, and Harker (2000) reaffirms this idea. The study began with a random pulling of individuals. Of those sampled 72 of them worked for a company with a values statement. These 72 subjects where then asked two questions. First, has the values statement had an influence on the decision making process. Second, this has been the predominate impact of these decisions. The mean of the first question was 7.37. The mean of the second one was 7.25. Over 53 percent of the individuals rated value statements importance at or above an eight. The statistics show that entrepreneurs of small businesses have an advantage in customer service. Studies have been conducted on why this is so. The conclusion the researchers came up with is the personal values and ethics that the small businesses can offer (Ackerman, Fink, & Harker, 2000, pp. 1-13). These studies and results all point to the importance of values within a company. This can show how important it is to have strong value statements. This is the first step to organization within a company and is a foundational statement for individuals to see where that business stands.
The employees are not the only ones that have to worry about there values. Ghosh (2008) suggests that, now more than ever, companies need to display their values publicly. He talks...

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