Individuals Or Freaks? Essay

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In today's society one struggles to be a part of the "in croud". We conform to our friends and peers. If one dares not to conform, is that person a stand out? A stand out yes. But is that person a "freak" of society or an "individualist"? Too many times in the school system and in the puplic society are people who dare to be individuals, but are out casted. Why can't we accept these people as leaders not ...view middle of the document...

But only to what extent. We are told to not fall in to the trap of peer pressure. Don't drink just because all of your friends are. Don't do smoke just because everyone thinks it's cool. Don't take steroids because you are on the state champion football team. But if we don't are we the new leader setting a new trend? Trends start some where, why can't the individuals set them instead of being referred to as "freaks of nature"? Why should people be punished for just doing what they where taught at a very young age.And who determines what is individualistic and what is "freakish". I thought that wearing you Blue Jeans backward was "freakish", but it became the new fashion tread in the early 1990's. I still like the grung look, but will I be a freak for wearing something comfortable? I don't do drugs, but an I the out cast at the weekend field party? I can't afford and don't want to pay $75.00 for a pair of "Tommy" jeans so am I a "freak"? Why can't society just accept individuals as people? Why can't they stand out with out being discrimminated against? Yes, it is a form of discrimmination!

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