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Indonesian Democracy And Islam: Midterm Essay

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Despite Huntington’s view in the failure of the democratic experiment in Islamic countries, Indonesia has proven to be the contradiction that has successfully proven the compatibility of Islam with democracy. After the fall of Suharto, moderate Muslims substantially contributed towards the progress of democratic consolidation over the past decade through the rise of cultural Islam. Furthermore, having not attained the majority of votes in three periods of fair elections in Indonesia (i.e., elections in 1999, 2004, and 2009), it has become clear that there has been a decreased preference of political Islam and a strengthened support for a secular state. As such, in order to explain the ...view middle of the document...

e., 1 = best, 7 = worst), Indonesia today is considered a “Free” State and has acquired a political rights scale level of two. As indicated by Freedom House, “Partly Free” is the beginning developments of a democracy, while “Free” indicates that democracy has been established and is developing. Today, it is evident that democracy has been successfully established in Indonesia and is growing stronger by the year, as depicted by the change in the political rights scale, one of four indicators of the formation of democracy.
In addition, political Islam began to diminish in the late 1970s under the New Order. This political position of Islam neglected the cultural elements of Islam and therefore brought forward both political and social cleavages in Muslim communities. This resulted in the development of a new movement among younger Muslims. With the repression of political Islam, a new model of rethinking the connection between Islam and the state was conceptualized. By bringing about the formation of new democratic values such as human rights and pluralism, the depreciation of political Islam brought forward the development of a new movement – cultural Islam. This concept of rethinking Islam worked in hand with reconsidering the challenges of the idea of modernity. This new movement of cultural Islam helped contribute to the democratization of Indonesia by helping to secularize the political system. Further, cultural Islam also brought forward the acceptance of Pancasila as a suitable political system in Indonesia. It helped influence political figures that a secular state is the most adequate political system, without which such a diverse society could not exist. Through the reconstruction of politics with cultural Islam, it formulated that no single entity of a state exists within Islamic tradition, as no individual political party could assert complete representation of all Islamic ambitions; therefore, cultural Islam instigated the development of a more secularized state.
Moreover, political cleavages have resulted in moderate Muslims maintaining power in Indonesia as seen in our in-class analysis of the last three democratic elections. Rooted in the colonial days of Dutch control, Indonesia’s lack of a...

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