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Indonesias Human Rights Essay

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“My son was killed for a crime he did not commit… our family has lived in shame and neighbours never spoke to us. Whatever apology or compensation the government promises, it is too late” said Wang Tsai-lien the Indonesian mother of a death penalty victim (When Justice Fails...). Many people in Indonesia have lost something that they are never going to get back, and that is because of unfair accusations. They are humans and they are supposed to have rights. Human Rights are violated in Indonesia due to executions, women mistreatment, and because of slavery.

People are executed in Indonesia. Many times authorities use the death penalty as a “fast escape” to problems for ...view middle of the document...

They take women to the actual authority’s home and rape them. Women can not seek for help because the actual officials are the ones who abuse women. They can not trust anyone. Also there are other cases of vulnerable women, “Despite their important economic contributions [of migrant workers] and the valuable services they provide as nannies and housekeepers, they are typically excluded from labor laws abroad and face a wide range of abuse and exploitation”, (Protecting Indonesia´s Vulnerable Migrant…). There is people who suffer when they go to work, and can not escape. Women fight against abuse to free themselves. Women abuse has been an issue in Indonesia for a long time and people who are victims are really traumatized for life, people in Indonesia wants the government to stop and listen to their situation.

There are many slaves in Indonesia. “It is estimated that there are 3.2 million children between age of 10-17 years old in Indonesia engaged in employment with some involved in worst forms of child labour.” (Child Labour in Indonesia). Children often work to support their family, but it would change their lives if they went to school. Therefore they would get an education and that way they would have a better chance of winning money to give to their family. This is a solution for parents who force their children to work and it has a better chance of winning...

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