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Indoor Pool Vs Outdoor Pool Essay

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On your mark, get set, jump! Splash! Over the course of hundreds of years all over the world, indoor pools have been perfected by and for humans for ultimate efficiency of use, enjoyment, and economical potential. On this note, an indoor swimming pool should be built instead of the current outdoor swimming pool for students and staff on Eastfield Community College’s main campus (EFC) located in Mesquite, Texas. Let’s face it: people want private, temperature-controlled, clean and efficient indoor pools over unsanitary and the uncontrolled weather of the outdoor pools environment. The advantages of swimming indoors as opposed to outdoors for students and staff, the favorable working conditions for workers, and the economical benefits for EFC to own an indoor pool, are why an indoor pool should be built and enjoyed instead of the current outdoor swimming pool at the main campus of EFC.
The advantages of swimming indoors are numerous compared to swimming outdoors for students who currently are enrolled at EFC or staff who are employed by EFC. Swimming in an indoor pool will help to avoid hazardous weather and for students/staff to avoid potential allergies as well. Throughout Earth’s atmosphere, the weather can change abruptly and without warning. When a student or staff member of EFC needs to swim in a pool for exercise and/or leisure, the only option available to them at EFC is the outdoor pool. This pool is susceptible to many types of weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, and freezing winds and temperatures which can freeze or render an outdoor pool unusable. If a small building with an indoor pool inside was built instead of the outdoor pool, anyone attending or employed at EFC could swim all year long whenever they wanted. This would mean the pool could open longer, in all weather seasons, on more days of the year. Safety should be the number one concern for students and staff because it helps to save lives and will benefit the entire community. It would be ethically wrong to choose an outdoor pool over an indoor pool because of the inherent dangers associated with exposing students and staff to the unsanitary conditions found in outdoor pools. With an indoor pool, according to the “You aren’t going to have to worry so much about leaves, bugs, and general dirt getting into the pool and so you’ll have to spend less time getting any debris out” (Golden Coast). Even though outdoor pools may give one a chance to see the outdoors and be sociable, it is definitely not worth the sicknesses and health problems associated with swimming in outdoor pools. According to this quote from Arianna Kukors, from an article by Michelle Berman, from Sports Publication International’s Swimming World website, swimming in an outdoor pool has one falsely noted benefit “Indoor training has a controlled environment and pool temperature so there isn't really much variation in your daily training environment"(Berman). However, the risk of obtaining a...

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