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Inductors Essay

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In this experiment we will use various instruments to study the behavior of inductors in DC and AC circuits.Equipment List: Test Equipment.Ø DMM: Fluke model 77, serial 9801 Ø Tectonics Oscilloscope: Model 2213A, serial P1097 Ø Function Generator: Model 3311A, serial 925577 Ø Decade Inductor: Model ALD-12, serial 3735 Ø Harrison DC Power Supply: Model 6200B, serial T5599 Equipment: Ø One 2.2k ohm resistor Ø One 200 ohm resistor Ø One 1N4002 diode Theory: An ideal inductor offers no resistance to the flow of direct current. However, all inductors do have some internal DC resistance, which is easily measured, and may be used to be represented as a separate element in series with the inductance. With regard to AC inductors do impede the flow of AC current.Procedure 1 (Inductor in Circuit with DC Source) 1. Assemble the circuit as shown below. (The power supply is a DC sourse).2. Set the DMM to measure voltage in DC. Observe and record the DC voltages across Vag, Vab and Vbg with the DMM.a. Vag should be around 7.67V b. Vab should be around .397V c. Vbg should be around 7.28V 3. Set the DMM to measure current. Connect the DMM to measure the current in the circuit by breaking the circuit.a. Current should be around 3.34Amps 4. Remove the inductor from the circuit and measure its DC resistance with the DMM.a. The resistance should be around 118.5 ohms Procedure 2 (The Inductor as a Filter Element) 1. Assemble the circuit as show in the figure below. (The power supply is an AC source).2. Adjust the function generator to yield zero DC output, and a 5Khz sinusoidal with peak-to-peak amplitude of 10 volts.3. Observe and record the voltages across Vag and Vbg, with the inductance set to 1H. Use the oscilloscope as well as with the DMM voltmeter over the same points.a. Vag should be around 9.6V peak-to-peak b. Vbg should be around .56V peak-to-peak 4. Repeat step 3 with the inductance set to 0.5H.a. Vag should be around 9.6V peak-to-peak b. Vbg should be around 1.1V peak-to-peak 5. Repeat step 3 with the inductance set to 0.2H.a. Vag should be around 8.8V peak-to-peak b. Vbg should be around 2.7V peak-to-peak Procedure 3 (The inductor as a Series Filter Element with DC & AC Source Present) 1. Assemble the circuit as show in the figure below. (The power supply is an AC source in series with a DC source).2. Adjust the function generator to yield zero DC output, and a 5Khz sinusoidal with peak-to-peak amplitude of 5 volts.3. Set the DMM to measure voltage in DC. Observe and record the DC voltages across Vag and Vbg with the DMM.a. Vag should be around .216V b. Vbg should be around 4.97V 4. Observe and record the voltages across...

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