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Industrial Essay

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Ddustrial revolution is a vast term, two huge words, which carry lot of weight on the prgress of world history. Embossing deep impression on the course of history. Industrial, by defination, can be elaborated as, a process which can be repeated times and times again; giving us the controll on input and output. Whereas revolution means complete reversal, usually taken in positive sense, a process which entirely changes the fortunes. Thus ther term "Industrial Revolution" is a combination of two dynamic terms and together this golden term meas the massive repeated process or steps which cause major pardigm shift; in the course of individuals; groups; communities; cultures; nation; and even it can mean entire global pardigm shift.

Eighteenth centruy world was eventful world. It was a century, that the Europeans had controll over virtually entire globe, setting aside china and few other princely states. By now the european have got stronghold over it's subject population. Also, Science and technology was thriving in the European states. The philosophical debates were common, Enlightenment was discussed and propagated by state. The filed was set, and the major shift can be observed in the eighteent century, in the way of harnessing the energy and getting hold over newer and newer sources of energy, even non renewable sources such as coal and later oil were used. This achievement was no less feat than breaking the sound barrier of twentieth century.

Organic ways of production had very strict limitation on the maximum, i.e. uppper cap, of the net output to be possiblly generated. and the yield capacity from traditional sources was low. Natural balancing needed time and thus the growth was limited. Shift from renewable sources of evergy (i.e. slavery, animals and to some extent windmill) to non renewable source of coal and and later oil, embarked the major change in the course of history. It was the catlyst of change. We see the boom in the production and machines were able to perform its job, tirelessly, and efficiently and rapidly, which otherwise would be unimaginable.

This was the turning point in many ways. We see the...

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