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Industrial Advances Of The Civil War

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The civil war was called the “first modern war” since the equipment and transportation which made generals rethink their strategies and objectives. The weight of the cannons made the generals rethink their travel time. The new cannons with different features on them were a lot heavier. Had to adjust the amount of animals to carry different equipment. There were great industrial and technological advancements made to the musketry, artillery, transportation and observation during the period of the civil war.
During the civil war rifling, repeating rifle, and the minie ball advancements were made to the muskets. Rifling played a big role in the civil war because it improved the accuracy ...view middle of the document...

(Stoddard) Advancements made to the materials used in guns changed over the course of the war. Captain T.J. Rodman came up with a design which would cool a gun from the inside out, with water helping which produces guns faster during 1862. (Danie) Samuel Reeves of Phoenix irons works of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania had an idea of pouring cast iron into a mold which created bigger and more stronger guns in 1855. (Danie) Since the equipment improved changes in the design which created correlation and strong guns. The Union changed the design of their fuses and insisted all of their fuses be made in Frankfort arsenal because the soldiers would be familiar with all the fuses they used. (Danie) Robert P. Parrott, at the west Point Foundry brought a new design during the civil war with forming a band of metal around a mandrel which was used to strengthen the barrel. (Danie)
The military balloons, trains and steamboats were key ways of transportation and observation during the war. Military balloons gave a birds eye view of the battlefield and could be launched anywhere. The military balloons gave an advantage because getting a birds eye view and also be able to see around for seven miles. (Civil War Ballooning) Military balloons were getting their air for the balloon from the air that was provided at the launch site until...

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