Industrial Revolution And Its Impact On The Society

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Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on the Society

Change whether it be positive or negative is unavoidable. Change is the whole reason the Earth is a reality in the first place. If we look at the creation of the world both from a biblical sense, god wanted to create something new, thus we have all of the living creatures on this planet. If we look at the same example from the big bang and evolutional theory we have come to the same conclusion. Should that have been the only transformation of this short living history of this growing and ever changing world? This world has under gone tremendous transformations due to both human and natural factors. Volcanoes erupt, brush fires start, floods, and tornados, these are all factors of change caused by nature. Humans cause change by over populating, farming, waste, expanding colonies into the once untouched lands. One of the most noticeable changes was the industrial revolution, which started in England circa 1760. Because of the revolution lives were changed. In this present day and time we are still feeling that change. With all of that said I will be discussing that change and the effects it had on the English people.

The industrial revolution began around 1760,but before that people lived without the treasures of the revolution. England started out as a agricultural nation. 80% 0f the land was rural.i Many small towns with family owned business and farms. Some of the main things produce in England of that time for consumer consumption was timber, wool, tobacco, sugar, and cotton. The small industries of that time consisted of spinners, weavers, tanners, and blacksmiths, which all did work from small rural cottages. This was a time when the only revolutions had to do with new philosophy, government, and new discoveries. The daily life of the common folk consisted of exploiting whatever was their means of survival (farming, weaving, blacksmith, etc…). The peasant would spend all day from sun up to sun down working. Other like nobles and kings did less real labor. Sure a noble did more than a king but less than common folk. Nobles often intermingled with higher society such as parliament officials and the royalty. With one revolution after another all of that was soon to change.

A small town by the name of Manchester, England would become the first industrialized city between 1780 and 1851. The population grew dramatically, and over half of that population now lived in cities. Changing the percentage from 80% rural, to about 50% rural, and 50% urban. By time of 1850 the revolution was underway. New mines, machines, and new and faster production techniques made iron cheap to produce, and easy work which was became available almost anywhere. Factories and railroads sprang up everywhere.ii Because of this more and families move into cities and worked in factories, therefore putting a lot of small farmers and businessmen out of business.

In less than 100 years, the...

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