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Industrial Revolution: Causes And Social, Economic, Cultural, Religious, Political, And Intellectual Impact

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The Industrial Revolution in Europe between 1760 and 1850 had a major impact on the many countries of Europe that forever shaped their outcome. The Industrial Revolution had many causes that are still debatable to this day, the most major influence however was the end of the French Revolution. After the Industrial Revolution, many changes took place throughout the continent economically, socially, culturally, religiously, politically, and intellectually.The exact cause of the Industrial Revolution is debatable among historians today, some believe that the Revolution was an outgrowth of social and institutional changes brought about by the end of feudalism in Britain after the English Civil ...view middle of the document...

New sources of energy were discovered, along with faster transportation, and new ways of maximizing human labor, which triggered economic and social changes throughout the continent.When it comes to the economic development of Europe after the Industrial Revolution, most of the consequences were indeed positive. Wages rose to heights never before seen imaginable, and people had enough money to live comfortably. Industries developed, and with the help of factories and manufacturing, the production of products became significantly more time efficient. Machines were invented to help speed up these processes, and thus made mass production accessible. With this, the production cost of such goods were kept cheap, in that industries can sell products cheap and still make a large profit. This stimulated the economy into a stable state, where both government and people were happy. As money flowed, the creation of banks became more apparent, and with this began the loans to create more and more industries. Mass production and the invention of the steam engine also helped mercantilism grow in Europe, which in turn also stimulated the economy. Construction began to boom and the development of roads, canals, and turnpike trusts, goods were able to be transported in faster, safer, and cheaper ways.The improvement of the transportation system also had positive effects on the social aspects of the revolution. Citizens of Europe had more money to spend and save, and could use that money to go on vacations and visit family that lived far away. With the invention of railroads, this was possible to do as a day trip, and what before took 3-4 days now took 3-4 hours. The dramatic improvements in transportation also eventually led to the creation of national sport leagues, since teams were able to quickly visit opposing teams. This led to many social changes Europeans never were able to witness before. Ball games brought sons and fathers together, while family day trips to the beach increased social bonding. The new forms of transportation also had a major effect on people's diets, in the sense that fresh foods and different foods were able to be quickly transported to urban areas.The people of Europe were also impacted by the Revolution culturally and religiously. As more inventions helped the industries of the continent, European's views changed. Mass production and transportation advances lead to the increase in speed to the spread of news. The "Communication Revolution" contained inventions involving improved newspaper presses, and steam-powered printing began. The invention of the telegraph, the press, and the typewriter were all...

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