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Industrial Revolution World History Modern Era El Camino Charter High School Honors History Dawn Of The Industrial Revolution

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7.1 Notes
Date: 11/02/2017
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Chapter 7 Section 1: Dawn of the Industrial Revolution
I. Intro
A. Witness to History
i. From Hand Power to Steam Power
a. For centuries, people used their own energy to provide the power for their work
b. The idea of using steam power came about
c. James Watt improved the steam engine that it could be applied to machinery
B. Intro Paragraph
i. The Revolution began in Britain
ii. The economic changes that Britain experienced had a major impact on their lives
iii. It was not like any other revolution
a. The Industrial Revolution was neither sudden nor swift
b. Long, slow, uneven process
c. Production shifted from simple hand tools to complex machines
iv. Industrial Revolution eventually spread to the rest of Europe, N. America, and the world
II. Life Changes as Industry Spreads
A. Intro
i. In 1750, life for most people was simple. Farmers used handmade tools, lived in small cottages, and used candles for light. They made their own clothing and grew their own food. If they needed something they would travel to nearby towns to exchange goods at a weekly outdoor market. Most people never traveled much farther than their neighboring town.
ii. The Industrial Revolution put an end to this rural way of life. By the 1850s, many country villages had grown into industrial towns and cities. Those who lived there were able to buy clothing and food that someone else produced.
iii. People also began to travel between countries and continents by train or steamship. Urgent messages were sent by telegraph wires and new inventions and scientific discoveries were being made and introduced at a rapid pace.
B. Pictures/Infographics/Maps/ Quotes/etc.
i. Page 246 Picture of Matthew Boulton
a. James Watt’s partner, a successful manufacturer who proclaimed:
b. “I have at my disposal what the whole world demands, something which will uplift civilization more than ever by relieving man of all undignified drudgery. I have steam power.”
III. Agriculture Spears Industry
A. Intro
i. Agriculture Revolution
a. 300 years ago
b. Improved the quality and quantity of farm products.
B. Farming Methods Improve
i. The Dutch farmers:
a. They build earthen walls known as dikes to reclaim land from the sea
b. They combined smaller fields into larger ones to make better use of land
c. They used fertilizer from livestock to renew the soil.
ii. British Farmers:
a. Expanded on Dutch agriculture experiments.
b. Educated farmers exchanged news of...

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