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Industrial Revolution World History Modern Era El Camino High School Honor History Britain Leads The Way

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7.2 Notes
Date: 11/02/2017
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Chapter 7 Section 2: Britain Leads the Way
I. Intro
A. Witness to History
i. Riding the Railway
a. One of the most important developments of the Industrial Revolution
B. Intro Paragraph
i. First major rail line went from Liverpool to Manchester in England.
ii. Fanny Kemble, the most famous actress of the day, was one of the first passengers.
II. Why Britain?
A. Intro
i. Two major factors led to a population boom
a. The Agriculture Revolution increased food production.
1) The food fueled growth and good health. People were living longer.
b. Agricultural changes left many farmers homeless and jobless.
1) These farmers migrated from the rural villages to the big cities of England in order to find jobs.
ii. This population increase created a supply of labor to
a. mine the coal
b. build the factories
c. run the machines
B. Natural Resources Abound
i. Britain had the advantage of having many natural resources.
a. Rivers for water power, communication and transport
b. Supply of coal and iron
C. The Effects of Demand and Capital
i. Population growth led to more demand
a. Lots of skilled workers, but no money
ii. 1600-1700, overseas trade boomed economy (slave trade)
iii. Entrepreneurs invested money in businesses
iv. Government supported the economy
D. Pictures/Infographics/Maps/ Quotes/etc.
i. Page 251 Map of Resources and Industries in England, 1750
a. Showing the geographical and natural advantages of Britain for Industrial Revolution
III. The Textile Industry Advances
A. Intro
i. The biggest money maker was the textile industry.
ii. In the 1600s, cotton cloth imported from became popular.
iii. British merchants developed the putting-out system.
a. Raw cotton (sent to) poor families who spun it into thread and wove the thread into cloth (sent to) skilled artisans in towns to finish and dye the cloth
B. Inventions Speed Production
i. The demand for cloth was increasing and the putting-out system was slow and inefficient.
ii. Several inventors came up with several devices that revolutionized the British textile industry
a. Flying Shuttle (1733)
1) John Kay
2) Enabled weavers to work so fast that they soon outpaced...

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