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Industrialization At Its Finest Essay

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The industrialization has made a huge imprint on American society, especially towards the working class and the elites. Although the industrial revolution shaped Americans greatly, it did not shape the working class and the elites comparatively; what was essential for the working class was not essential for the elites. The elites became more and more powerful while the working class began losing more and more of their leisure time. Despite the actions that the elites performed and their views, Sam Patch and Phineas Taylor Barnum, also known as P.T. Barnum, opposed their actions and views. Both Sam Patch and P.T. Barnum took the initiative to fight for what they thought was right by ...view middle of the document...

Each individual has their own unique way of expressing art through their talents and skills, even if others do not believe that it is art. Leaping waterfalls was Sam Patch’s way of expressing art in which he had learned in Pawtucket when he was a child. P.T. Barnum, on the other hand, had his own museum in which he displayed various “freaks.” He examined people with disorders and used his creativity and advertising skills to catch the crowd’s attention. This was his form of art; he “thoroughly understood the art of advertising” (Freed, “In Business for Myself:” P.T. Barnum and the Management of Spectacle). P.T. Barnum piqued the public’s curiosity by not fully showing the true identity of the freaks, but instead, allowed the public to see it for themselves. Both Sam Patch and P.T. Barnum had their different unique ways in expressing art.
Additionally, during the industrial revolution, such privileges outside of work, such as leisure time was important for the working class. The working class would spend hours working, and all they wanted was to have a break, drink, and enjoy life. These individuals wanted to live life to the fullest, however, the elites made it difficult for them to do so. Both Sam Patch and P. T. Barnum appreciated leisure time and understood where the working classes were coming from. Sam Patch lived his life to the fullest; he was a heavy drinker, appreciated nature, and enjoyed waterfalls throughout his life. While he was at Paterson, there was a notice of change in switching the lunch hour from noon to one for their “own convenience” (Johnson, Sam Patch, The Famous Jumper, p.67). This happened on the same day that Sam Patch announced his leap off the waterfall. This affected the working class because they did not have the right to decide their own lunch hour. They felt controlled. The more controlled they were, the more restricted they were to do whatever they pleased. It should not just be the elites who should have leisure time, but also the working class as well. In addition, P. T. Barnum also believed leisure time was important, which should be spent with other people. He writes,...

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