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Industrialization Of Hemp: An Alternative Resource

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The need for an alternative resource has never been so high, something has to be done. The use of industrial hemp is a viable alternative resource too many depleting assets
plastic kills! Many people know, but plastic also kills many endangered desert animals. Classic is filled with harmful chemicals one of these chemicals is Bisphenol A(BPA).BPA has been known to leave too many serious diseases and health issues. One another downfall of plastic is it takes longer to decompose. What makes him a better alternative is it decomposes faster than plastic, and it doesn't pose as a threat to animals or humans.
The destruction of our forest can be put to an end if the expansion of ...view middle of the document...

" originally approved for fiber productions industrial hemp can also be used for production of renewable energy carriers, such as solid biofuel, biogas, and bioethanol" (Prade 13). If hemp could be grown in a large enough scale, it could provide the world with the solution to its major oil problem.
one of the biggest issues people have with industrial hemp is its ties to marijuana. What people don't know is hemp is manufacturing differently than marijuana. The hint that is used for
production and concentration is called industrial hemp. "Industrial hemp is a phrase that has become common to designate have used for commercial non intoxicant purposes"(Marcus and Small).the main difference between marijuana and industrial hemp is the amount of tetrahydroncannabinol (THC) in its yield. In countries where production is currently taking place, the legal level of THC in your head is 0.3%. this ensures that know him plants can be used to get high. So if we kept our industrial hemp THC levels at the same as other countries it would be impossible to abuse.
So in conclusion industrial hemp has a very large range of uses it can help solve many of our environmental issues. The use of industrial hemp is a viable alternative resource too many depleting I assets. If the production and cultivation of industrial hemp is pursued we could save...

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